Cold Room / Cold Storage Mold Removal

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Cold Room / Cold Storage Mold Removal

A cold room may be a fantastic addition to any home, particularly for those of us who garden, preserve, or like to collect wine. However, if the cold room is poorly constructed, outdated, or damaged, it can quickly become a condensation and mold nightmare. Today, we’ll look at the whys and hows of cold room mold, as well as how CPR24 Restoration specialists get rid of it safely and permanently.

How does mold grow in cold rooms?

Often, a well-functioning cold room or cellar is found beneath the front porch. They’re meant to be uninsulated and have a vent to the outside to assist in circulating fresh air, and they’re designed to help us store food and preserves. Concrete floors and unfinished walls are common, as are permeable surfaces that allow moisture and air to pass through. This maintains the room damp and chilly, which is ideal for preserving carrots and potatoes after they’ve been dug up from the ground for months.

What frequently occurs with cold rooms is that some aspect of the setup fails, such as when someone wishes to finish their basement or maximize their living area. Perhaps the vent is removed or covered, or the concrete walls are covered with studs and drywall. Because there is no area for air to ‘breathe,’ air will flow between conditioned and unconditioned zones in the basement, causing condensation and perfect circumstances for mold growth.

How do you clean a cold room and remove mold?

When it comes to eliminating mold from a cold room, CPR24 Restoration always recommends professional treatment. Our inspection and cleanup will not only eliminate the mold from your cold room permanently but will also uncover factors that may have contributed to the mold growth in the first place, allowing you to make changes to prevent it from happening again.

From a safety aspect, we also advocate professional remediation. Mold is highly toxic and harmful, and it may quickly spread throughout the home by accident, causing short and long-term health issues for even the healthiest of individuals. We seal the space and employ industrial quality air filtration equipment to remove any airborne spores during CPR24 Restoration remediation, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

After removing any potentially hazardous materials and properly disposing of them, we begin cleaning. Cleaning is the most critical element of any mold removal, and CPR24 Restoration employs biological cleaning chemicals. This naturally produced wash destroys mold without damaging the affected surface and is non-toxic to humans and pets. We clean every inch of your cold room, cellar, attic, or bathroom until mold spore tests come back negative.

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