Bedroom Mold Removal King City

On this project we completed in 14165 7th Concession Rd King City, ON L7B 1K4 to remove mold from a bedroom we proceeded as below:

  • We first resolved the water issue. This will help to inhibit the spread of new mold spores.
  • We isolated the region that has been contaminated. For both levels, we closed all doors and windows between the contaminated space and the rest of the house. We covered all doorways and other openings with 6 mm polyethylene sheeting for Level 2 cleanup. We duct-taped the seams of the sheeting and slip gaps in the sheeting into the contaminated area.
  • Dust must be kept at bay. We accomplished this by spraying the contaminated areas.
  • Then, we removed all materials from the room and any porous objects that are moist or moldy. 
  • After, we placed materials in plastic bags. All damp and moldy things should be placed in plastic bags that are at least 6 mm thick, double-bagged, and tied shut. After wiping the outside of the bags with a damp cloth and detergent solution before leaving the contaminated area, we disposed of it as regular trash.
  • Then we cleaned. All non-porous materials, as well as moldy wood surfaces, were cleaned. All moldy surfaces were scrubbed with a wire brush before being wiped down with disposable wipes. We discarded wipes in 6 mil polyethylene bags, double-bagged, and tied them closed to dispose of as ordinary trash. Finally, we scrubbed any moldy surfaces with a damp cloth and detergent solution until all mold was gone, then rinsed them with clean water.
  • Egress after cleaning the affected area. After all that, we used a HEPA vacuum to vacuum all surfaces, followed by cleaning all surfaces with a damp cloth and/or mop and detergent solution. 
  • Test for visibility. There was no visible contamination or debris in any location.
  • To allow any remaining moisture to evaporate, we dried the cleaned items. We used fans, dehumidifiers, or elevated indoor air temperature to speed up the drying process.
  • In the end, we replaced or repaired all materials that were relocated

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