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Sewer Backup Cleanup

Sewage Backup And Clean-Up In GTA

A sewage backup is, without a doubt, inconvenient. In addition to all of the various issues that typical floodwaters can create, wastewater stinks are loaded with things that pose major contamination and biohazard hazards. Whether it’s a toilet flood or a septic backup, sewage backups wastewater must be cleaned up with chlorine bleach before the water is sent back into the environment. During this cleaning process is important that the person in charge uses rubber gloves and rubber boots in order to prevent contact with chlorine.

Because of the specific threats that basement raw sewage flooding poses, immediate action is required to reduce damage, improve the sewage spills pipes, sanitize and clean the affected areas in contact with sewage.

Why Do Floor Drains and Sewer Backup?

Sewage backups are a type of (typically) basement flooding that occurs when a sewage or sewer line becomes clogged, causing waste to flow in the wrong direction, or when a structural element allows water to enter your home or business. The following causes fall into these two categories:

  • A non-flushable object was flushed down the toilet.
  • Blockage or leakage in a metal or plastic pipe.
  • Water penetration can possibly be due to foundation faults.
  • Flooding is caused by the weather in and around the house.
  • Septic system or structure problems.

Water Damage Category 3: Black Water

The fact that sewage backups frequently entail “black water,” the industry’s third and most severe categorization of floodwater, makes them such a major concern. Although black water is extremely contaminated and poses a major danger of illness or death if swallowed by humans, it can also make people sick by inhaling particles in the air or by other means. Blackwater can also originate from rising floodwaters that spill into basements or when groundwater begins to seep into your property, in addition to sewage backups.

Sewage, flooding from rivers or streams, sewage water from the toilet bowl containing feces, toilet overflows from beyond the toilet trap, and even standing water where microbial growth has commenced are all examples of Category 3 water damage.

What to Do If There’s a Sewage Backup?

While you may be able to handle an overflowing toilet on your own, more serious cases of sewage backup require professional help to avoid endangering your or others’ health. Our Sewage Backup and Clean-up restoration experts at CPR24 Restoration Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond quickly and minimize damage to our client’s property. We begin our sewage cleanup process as soon as we arrive on the spot.

Complete Drying of the Structure

Before anything else can be done, the black water must be removed. To get rid of every last drop of water, we employ pumps, wet/dry vacuums, heaters, dehumidifiers, industrial-strength fans, and other instruments. Our moisture detectors ensure that even hidden pockets of contamination are not allowed to escape. We also clean up any “waste items” that may have been brought up with the sewage water during this operation.


Although the black water is no longer present, bacteria and fungi can survive. The decontamination stage entails a thorough water damage restoration and disinfection of all impacted surfaces and materials. Non-salvageable goods and building materials will be disposed of correctly, but everything else will be cleansed, disinfected, and cleaned thoroughly.


A sewage backup, as you might expect, can create a persistent stink. We take the time to ensure that objectionable odors and stale air are removed by using protective gear.

You have the right to return home without your nose continually reminding you of what you’ve been through.

Debris Removal

Despite the best measures, air can allow contaminated water droplets to settle in neighboring rooms, and personnel coming in and out of the site can track contaminants with them. As a result, the cleanup operation comes to a close with a last sweep of the property to remove any debris that may have made its way out from the flood zone.

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