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Drywall Mold Removal

Drywall Mold Removal Services In GTA 

Drywall is similar to a critical organ in a house. It can help with functioning (for example, soundproofing), but one of the most important advantages is safety. Most drywall, for example, aids in fire protection and mildew prevention. However, this does not rule out the possibility of water damage, and water damage frequently leads to mold growth. 

What should you do if you detect Drywall Mold? 

Suppose a wall in your home or company has faced water damage (typical places include basements, bathrooms, attics, and areas near water-using equipment). If the problem is not addressed quickly it can cause potential mold growth.

Pay attention to a sense of a damp, musty, rotting, or stale odor – whether or not there has been water damage. It’s possible that mold is growing there.

Mold is known to pose major health dangers, so it’s always a good idea to contact CPR24 Restoration professionals to figure out whether you are having a mold problem in the section of drywall.

How to Remove Mold on Drywall

Try not to be alarmed if you notice mold signs on a drywall surface in your home. Mold may grow almost everywhere. All it takes for drywall to grow is a supply of moisture and an organic food source, and it can be a free-for-all buffet. As soon as you notice the first signs of mold in your drywall make sure you call our professional restoration team. CPR24 Restoration makes sure to provide you with a fast and safe drywall mold removal process.

Mold spores can be found everywhere and if left unattended they can cause further structural damage.  Mold will grow if the surface is wet and there is a food source nearby.  DIY mold removal tricks can ensure that mold is temporarily gone but it won’t stop it from growing again. If you try to undertake the mold removal process on your own you will only make things worse and cause major damage to your property. 

Our professional mold removal team will assist you with the best drywall mold removal services in Toronto and the GTA.

Our Drywall Mold Removal Process

 1. Determine the affected area

 Slight mold on an outside wall can usually be removed with bleach and water, but even if only a  tiny bit of drywall is impacted by mold, it’s usually worth it to replace the entire piece of drywall to avoid the spread of the mold.

Thankfully, this does not imply that the entire wall must be replaced!  We draw a circle around the region where the mold needs to be removed with a pencil. We’ll be cutting the drywall away, so we draw a few additional inches to make sure we get rid of all the mold.

2. We Cut The Damaged Part

We use a utility knife to cut the drywall where we marked it with a pencil. Inspect the remaining drywall around the cut for any further mold or black mold if any is present. As a well-trained team, we make sure to wear protective clothes as well as rubber gloves.

3. Throw away the drywall and clean the wood

This step is as simple as it sounds: toss away the mold-containing drywall piece you cut out, as well as any additional pieces you had to cut afterward. Any mold on the wood under the drywall can be removed by sanding the moldy area and then cleaning it with a homemade solution of one part water to one part bleach.

4. Repair the drywall

We measure the space we took away from the existing drywall and cut out a fresh piece from a new sheet of drywall with those measurements. It can be cut down as needed if it doesn’t fit straight away. For further security, we use drywall tape around the edges, then spackle and paint as desired.

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