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If you are experiencing the devastating effects of water damage to your property, please contact CPR24 Restoration. We are certified mold removal experts that offer 24 hour emergency services in addition to scheduled appointments.

Mold Remediation Services In GTA

CPR24 Restoration has perfected the remediation procedure to its pinnacle. When our mold removal job is over, you can rest assured that the work environment will feel, look, and smell great, as well as have excellent air quality. 

Our professionals have undergone extensive training and certification to ensure that the job is completed correctly. For all mold remediation jobs, we adhere to the most up-to-date industry norms and safety standards. 

We collaborate with insurance companies, realtors, house inspectors, property managers, and engineers in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. We can assist you to understand your specific circumstances and provide experienced advice on the best course of action.

Our goal is to make your home a healthier place to live by drastically improving the air quality and preventing mold from growing.

Mold Removal Services That We Offer 

Mold In Your Home: What To Look For

Before you call for mold removal in Toronto, you need to know if you have mold in your house. Mold has both visible and invisible signs in your home, and it’s vital to catch them early. The best method to avoid mold is to be aware of the warning signs and difficulties that lead to its growth and to act swiftly if mold is discovered.

Mold Removal Process

So, how does mold remediation work? CPR24 Restoration uses the highest quality of products and the latest technological equipment according to the industry-standard procedures to safeguard your (and our) health and safety throughout the process. 

We’ll schedule a return visit after our thorough visual and physical mold assessment – typically our clients require 1-2 days of work, but this may vary depending on the depth of the problem. We’ll isolate our work area from the rest of the house using plastic sheeting and negative pressure when we arrive, ensuring that any spores disturbed during the procedure remain where they can be gathered by our industrial-strength air filtration equipment.

After that, we’ll clean and remove any mold-affected surfaces. 

This process can take a long time, especially if we are dealing with attic mold removal, black mold removal, or crawl space and the conditions are gloomy and crowded. Any debris from your home is safely removed and disposed of by us.

Cleaning can begin after the mold has been removed. This is the most crucial element for the CPR24 Restoration crew – no time or expense is wasted, and we clean until we kill the mold and the test result is negative!

Note: If you already have a scope of work in place, we can collaborate with your consulting firm to ensure that all requirements are met or exceeded. We can work with them to schedule clearance testing*, pre-remediation, and post-remediation site walkthroughs as needed, giving you peace of mind and a few fewer things to worry about.

The Following are Some of the Common Indoor Mold Signs:

Allergic reaction: While everyone’s reaction to moldy areas differs, the most common complaints are pain, itchy eyes, sneezing or nasal congestion, and headache. It’s possible that mold is causing your allergies to flare up when you’re at home or in a certain room.

Smell: Mold can easily be detected by the smell, which is a sign that you require rid of mold services in Toronto. Mold has a characteristic musty odor, and because it can develop behind wallpaper, beneath the carpet, or inside walls, a persistent odor could be the first symptom of a mold problem.

Visible Growth: Mold comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, making it difficult to spot in the affected areas and often mistaken for dirt or scuff marks.

Water Damage: If you’ve had a recent leak, flood, or other water issues in your house, now is a great time to schedule a mold inspection. Mold growth is almost always a result of water leakage, regardless of the amount of breadth of the breach. Condensation in your home should also be investigated; this indicates a humidity issue, as airborne water can readily condense behind walls or in the attic, causing different types of mold later.

Mold Toxicity: Toxic mold strains can grow in your house in rare situations, causing significant health problems ranging from headaches to dizziness, as well as sending sensitive family members to the hospital.

The only way of ensuring you won’t need mold removal in Toronto is prevention. At CPR24 Restoration we’re happy to remove mold and thoroughly remediate your home, but if you don’t fix the source of the mold growth, whether it be humidity or a water leak, mold will return and begin to grow again if there is a water leak. In this way, you will still get a porous surface.

How To Prevent  Mold Growth

There are a few simple things that any homeowner can do to keep mold from growing in their home:

  • Ventilate: The easiest strategy to minimize humidity buildup and dry up leaks or spills is to ensure that air travels freely throughout your home. It’s also more relaxing for you and your loved ones.
  • Fix leaks and drips: Even a single drop of water from leaking pipes or drains can readily initiate fresh mold spores. Tighten connections and check for damage every two years underneath sinks, in cupboards, and anywhere else where water flows.
  • Keep humidity below 50%:High humidity is not only unpleasant, but it also promotes mold growth and can cause property damage.
  • Clean up promptly after a flood: If your property has a water incident (whether it’s a leak, spill, or flood), clean up as soon as possible, don’t forget to wear rubber gloves, use fans, and mold cleaner to remove every last trace of moisture.

The Benefits Of Choosing CPR24 Restoration For Mold Removal

Our goal at CPR24 Restoration is to provide you with a professional mold removal process that assures that mold is removed permanently. We have extensive experience in commercial and residential restoration services so you can rest assured that will bring your property back to its previous situation if you choose CPR24 Restoration to conduct your mold removal in Toronto.

CPR24 Restoration’s whole crew, from our receptionist to our experts, has extensive experience and understanding of mold removal in Toronto, so you can rest assured that your questions and concerns will always be answered honestly and completely.

Our objective is to offer you a healthier home by substantially increasing air quality and eliminating mold. Please contact us at  (416) 551-8287 or email us at [email protected].


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