Basement Mold Removal Vaughan

This project on removing basement mold was done at 12 Isaiah Dr. Vaughan, ON L4H 0C3, and here are the steps we followed.
  • We ensured that the moist area is completely dry. There might not only be a mold problem, but also a moisture problem. Before we dealt with the mold, we removed as much humidity as possible from the basement; using a dehumidifier to do so. It’s critical to dry the area while avoiding airflow. If you add airflow to a mold-infested location, more mold spores will spread throughout the region. It’s possible that this will contaminate a place where mold isn’t present.
  • We damped the mold again before scrubbing because it was dusty. When dusty spores become airborne, they become considerably more harmful because you risk breathing them. We applied a light mist of water on the mold with a spray bottle and chilled water. We don’t over-saturate, or it will exacerbate the moisture problem.
  • Then we scrubbed the mold with a surfactant solution using a bristles brush. After using the brush and rags, we throw them away.
  • We removed any moldy items from the basement and threw them out. If we don’t dispose of the damaged goods, we risk polluting other areas of your home. Keep in mind that we do not dispose of anything until it has been photographed and inventoried, just in case it is needed to contact the insurance carrier.
  • In the end, we got rid of the moisture problem once and for all. We checked for leaks and obstructions in exposed plumbing and drains. We checked to see if the seal around the windows was intact. After we’ve cleaned and disinfected, we used a moisture-resistant primer to coat the walls (or even sub-floors).

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