Sewage Back-Up is the most dangerous form of water backup. What makes it so dangerous is the fact that it is a clear risk for disease and infection to anyone that is introduced or close to the source of the damage. Besides the range of diseases that it can cause, there is also the risk of electrocution, explosion and irreversible damage to the structure of your home.

There are 2 types of sewage back-up:

Sewage Clean Up Toronto

What makes the difference between greywater and blackwater is the amount and type of sewage contained in the water. Greywater can include forms of a washing machine or dishwasher overflow or toilet water overflow. Blackwater is very risky as it includes feces and comes in the form of toilet overflow or sewage back up which pumps it back in your home.

Immediate steps are needed for any case of sewer emergency. It is very important that you evacuate the area first: Keep attention to distance the children and the elderly, as they are more prone to be affected by the infections and the airborne bacteria that are transmitted by the sewer.

Do not attempt to clean up the sewage by yourself,

unless it is just a small and isolated case that only affected the tiles. It can be a laborious and dangerous task that without the needed equipment it’s impossible to undertake. If it affected furniture, carpet, parquet or drywall, then specialized equipment is needed in order to remediate the damage.

As soon as you notice the sewage backup it is important to open the windows and allow fresh air to get in. The more the room stays isolated, the more bacteria and pollution are introduced in the air and it can make the sewage clean up much more difficult. If possible, adding chlorine or bleach to the affected areas can help speed-up the remediation process. After that, you should immediately call the Emergency Services Company so that the removal, clean-up, and disinfection of the process can commence.

At CPR24 we provide a full range of solutions for your home. We don’t just clean up the sewage, but we also bring our septic specialists and plumbers to analyze the tubing and cause of overflow and to prevent it from happening in the future. Any damaged surface is repaired or replaced by our team and we make sure that your home returns to its original state.

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