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How To Prevent Water Damage To Your Property: Our Smart Tips

Flood and water damage is a common issue in Toronto that affects most residential and commercial properties. Dealing with water damage is a very stressful and exhausting situation, but with CPR24 Restoration, you will have peace of mind. If you find yourself in an emergency situation you should seek out the help of our restoration company. We will make sure to fully restore your property back to its previous situation. 

What Causes Water Damage?

Not all dramatic natural disasters, such as intense thunderstorms, hurricanes, and flash floods, result in water damage. Many properties in Toronto are often destroyed by hidden moisture from water leaks, clogged gutters, improperly graded soil, and broken sump pumps.

The majority of water damage on residential and commercial properties is caused by simply fixable problems.  If left unattended, Water damage can ruin studs and drywall, lead to mold growth, and cause damage to the structure of your property. 

Our professional team at CPR24 Restoration has listed 10 tips to help you reduce water damage to your residential and commercial properties:

1. Inspect Sinks And Drains

Avoid pouring oily substances down the drain to maintain the health of your drains and sink. It makes no difference whether you flush the grease with cold or hot water because the oil can harden and adhere to the pipes. This can obstruct water flow and harm pipes.

When using chemicals to clear the drain, use caution because they could harm your pipes and result in further leaks. To remove obstructions, a drain snake is the finest tool.

2. Check Your Appliances Regularly 

Regularly monitoring your appliances for water leaks is crucial because the majority of house insurance policies do not cover the costs of water damage restoration caused by poor maintenance. This includes inspecting your AC, water heater, and refrigerator.

3. Check Your Water Shut-Off Valves

Before contacting CPR24 Restoration for water damage restoration services in the event of an emergency flood, it’s crucial to know where your water shut-off valves are located. While on vacation or a journey away from home, it’s also crucial to turn off the water.

While you’re away, even a minor leak could cause expensive water damage restoration and mold remediation costs.

4. Install Leak Detectors For Water Damage

You may prevent water damage-related standing water and mold growth in your house by installing leak detectors. These electrical devices sound alert when they find water leaks or floods.

They have characteristics including wi-fi, temperature sensors, intelligent home integration, and phone alarms.

5. Putting up Water Flow Monitoring Systems

To measure the water flow to your home, these electrical gadgets are mounted directly on your main water supply. The monitoring system has the ability to automatically stop the water flow when it notices a discrepancy between the use of your appliances and the water supply.

The system can make your water better while lowering your utility bills.

6. Check Water Pressure 

Water pipes and hoses may rupture due to high water pressure, necessitating immediate water damage restoration. This makes a pressure gauge a crucial purchase because it can aid in finding leaks in your plumbing or garden to stop additional damage.

7. Repair Any Missing or Damaged Caulking

It’s simple to stop leaks from your doors and windows before they start with a tube of exterior-grade caulking. Make a circuit around your residential or commercial property when the weather is suitable to check for missing or damaged caulk.

It is imperative to patch up any cracks, no matter how little. The upper side of the window casing, where water frequently collects, needs special attention.

8. Sort the Outside Soil To Prevent Flood Or Water Damage 

Make sure the land next to your property slopes as it approaches the foundation wall using a rake and a shovel. When it rains, if the ground slopes toward your wall, you will need residential water damage restoration since the extra water will enter your basement through the floor.

The best option is to regrade the soil so that it ramps away from your foundation, even though water damage treatment can provide temporary restoration. The more you descend the hill, the more you can avoid flood damage and pay for water damage restoration when calamity hits.

9. Examine the Roof

Your property will be vulnerable to water damage and mold growth without a weatherproof roof. Faulty roofs can leak in a variety of ways, leading to flooding damage, wet furnishings, and mold growth even without catastrophic roof damage.

Before the storm hits, grab your ladder and check any shingles that can permit water to enter your house. Through inspection, you can search for indications of mold growth that could harm your roof and jeopardize the integrity of your home.

10. Examine and Maintain Your Chimney

Your home’s external construction includes numerous openings that could leak, necessitating the use of water damage restoration services. A significant aperture that isn’t as well-sealed as your doors and windows is your chimneys. Rainwater entering uncapped chimneys, particularly those on the side, can seriously harm your walls, attic, and flooring. Here’s how to avoid having to repair water damage caused by leaking chimneys.

  • Place a chimney cap on it and check for leaks.
  • Ask a chimney professional to check the metal flashing on your chimney to make sure no water seeps through.
  • Hire a professional mason to seal the chimney mortar, or do it yourself.
  • If your chimney has any cracks, fix them.

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