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CPR24 Restoration Leak Detection

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    On a daily basis, CPR24 Restoration inspects properties for leaks. Thermal imaging, moisture meters, surface temperature meters, borescopes, and other cutting-edge technology are among the tools we use. All of these tools aid in determining the source of water, whether it’s a pipe, a foundation crack causing seepage, or condensation build-up. 

    How we proceed with leak detection 

    When at all possible, we use measures that prevent the removal of construction materials. The modern technical equipment aids in delivering rapid and precise results while also saving you money. 

    When it comes to water damage, timing is crucial. Mold grows in the presence of water, organic material (drywall, wood, etc. ), and humidity, and it is an unneeded nuisance that may be avoided. Once you’ve detected a water leak in your house, contact an expert at CPR24 Restoration.

    Once we’ve pinpointed the source and found the leak, our specialists will offer you a variety of options for resolving the problem and preventing future leaks that could result in secondary damage, such as mold.

    Leak Detection can detect flaws before they have a chance to cause significant water damage. In case you find yourself in a similar situation, call CPR24 Restoration at (416) 551-8287 for leak detection services.