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Cleaning Up After A Sewer Backup Problem

If you have a sewer backup at your house or company, call sewage removal services right away. Sewer backups should be treated as an emergency because the water could include viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that can cause serious sickness. Clogged water pipes can cause significant property damage. The germs could contaminate your water, putting you at risk for diseases including hepatitis A, giardia, tetanus, and others.

What Is A Sewer Backup Cleanup?

A sewer backup is a problem that neither you nor your family wants to deal with. When an obstruction or sewer line damage stops wastewater from emptying down from your residence, flooding water results.

It is not a significant amount of water damage, but it can cause numerous health and sanitation difficulties, as well as significant property damage and human injuries

As a result, if sewer backup occurs in your home, sewer backup cleanup must be completed quickly and effectively.

Typical sewer backup causes

Clogged Sewer Lines 

Some people believe that a clog in the pipes is the cause of a sewage backlog. In truth, a sewage backup is caused by more than just a clog. A grease or a piece of rubbish might cause a clog. Clogged drains can also be caused by disposable wipes.

Leak in The Sewer Pipes 

A more likely cause of a sewer backup is a leak in a pipe. A leak can occur for a variety of causes. A pipe, for instance, could have been damaged during a construction operation. A clog isn’t to blame for this type of problem.

Aged Sewer Systems 

Cast iron, PVC, and clay piping are the most common materials used in sewer pipes. These sewer lines, like humans, become old. Aging sewer systems can become deteriorated over time, which can lead to sewer backup issues. Installing new sewer pipes helps save sewer systems’ lives and reduce sewage backup problems.

Tree Roots in The Sewer Lines

Another unintentional cause of a sewer backup is tree roots in the sewer lines. Tree roots can enter sewer lines through fractures, causing Sewage Backup difficulties by damaging the pipes. Installing new plastic pipes in place of damaged and leaking pipes will prevent tree roots from entering the sewer system.

What To Do If There Is A Sewer Backup?

When dealing with a sewer spill in your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. Keeping these crucial points in mind will help you keep your house and family safe, prevent more damage, and ensure that your home insurance company has all of the papers they require.

1. Along with your photos, the sewer backup insurance company will require invoices for any work that was required due to the backup, any goods purchased to aid in the cleanup and repair of your property, and any damaged objects that were replaced.

2. As much as possible, keep the infected area isolated from the rest of the house. This entails closing all doors leading to the affected area. The chances of tainted air spreading into neighboring rooms are reduced by keeping the doors locked.

3. To try to remedy the problem, don’t use harsh chemicals in your pipes. This might cause serious damage to your pipes, so you should employ a professional plumber instead. Professional plumbers know how to clean pipes properly.

Our Sewer Backup Cleanup And Sanitizing Process

Before we start our sewer backup cleanup process we make sure to wear protective gloves.

We, as a very professional team, make sure to provide our clients with the best services and of course safety first. 

Our process includes the following steps:

  1. Wear Protection Gloves Rubber gloves keep our hands away from contaminated water.
  2. Drain Sewage Backup Water Drain any backed-up water and sewage using natural drainage or drain sump pumps. You’ll need to contact the authorities to find out where the sewage should be properly disposed of.
  3. Remove Clogged Residuals Remove any dirt or debris that came into contact with the sewage and clean it up.
  4. Clean the Walls Wash any walls, floors, or other surfaces that have been exposed to sewer backup coverage. Use a low-suds detergent and hot water to clean.
  5. Use Warm Water After cleaning, we rinse these surfaces with warm water.
  6. Do Sanitization Using a sanitizing solution, we clean all surfaces. Also, don’t stroll into adjacent rooms with unclean shoes to avoid contaminating them.

How To Prevent A Sewer Backup?

If you’ve ever had a sewer backup in your home, you know how important it is to take all necessary precautions to avoid it from happening again. If you’ve never had a sewer backup in your home before, trust us when we tell you you’ll be glad you read through the methods for preventing one.

Here Are Some Steps You Can Take To Prevent A Sewer Backup

  1. Have all pipes and valves in your home and on your property inspected on a regular basis. Make sure they’re in good working order and have any necessary repairs.
  2. Do not flush huge amounts of chemical products down the drain.
  3. Nothing but toilet paper should be flushed down the toilets.
  4. Grease should not be poured down the kitchen drain because it will solidify in the pipes.
  5. Planting trees near pipes should be avoided since their roots may cause the pipes to burst.

 Time To Call CPR24 Professionals For The Best Sewer Backup Cleanup Process

It’s always preferable to bring in the pros when dealing with a sewer backup. You can take certain efforts to protect everyone’s safety and start the cleaning process, but leave it to the pros to come in and finish the job properly and safely.

At CPR24 Restoration, we’ll take on the job while providing you the assurance that it’ll be done correctly.

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