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Untreated Water Damage: What To Expect?

Small stains on ceilings or little drops under your sink can lead to devastating and expensive problems. Water damage is a common issue that most Canadian homeowners have to deal with, and if left untreated, it can be a source of ongoing damage issues that will affect your property’s building code and health.

If you ever suspect any water damage signs in your home areas then you should address them immediately. CPR24 water damage restoration company can offer you immediate help by sending water damage professionals, who will handle the whole situation and help you prevent further damage.

What causes Water Damage?

Water damage can happen anytime and can destroy the structure of your home as well as cause damage to your home’s integrity. Many factors can cause water damage and that’s why you should pay attention at:

1. Leaks in Plumbing Systems

Water leaks may occur because of high water pressures, extreme temperatures, broken water connectors or weak leaking pipe joints.

In order to prevent structural damage, it is crucial to keep an eye out for any plumbing leaks and to get repairs done as soon as possible.

2. Clogged Gutters

Tree leaves, weeds, ice, and sludge are the most prevalent clog-causing elements. The majority of people dislike cleaning their gutters, thus debris accumulates and clogs the drains.

In the gutter section that is clogged, water gathers and eventually overflows, damaging the structural components of the house. Additionally, this water may accumulate in your home’s basement, where mold growth and an unpleasant odor may be present.

3. Faulty Appliances

Various types of water appliances such as old water heaters or washing machines that may be multifunctioning can cause severe water damage. Water connection faults can cause the water to pour and then pool on the floor by damaging it.

4. Burst Pipes

Pipe bursts are most frequently caused by temperature changes. Your pipes may burst when temperatures dip too low because ice develops inside of them, expands, and causes freezing. Pipes that are old and rusted have a higher chance of bursting.

5. Weather Conditions

Even when the plumbing system is working properly, adverse weather conditions like intense rain and excessive snow can still result in water damage.

During inclement weather, it’s crucial to examine your drainage systems to spot any damage right away.

Which are the major risks of untreated Water Damage?

Water damage can cause tremendous risks and can rapidly affect our health because of a possible mold infestation, bacterial growth or fungal spores. The impact of water damage can be overwhelming and that is a prior reason why you should take special care in treating the affected areas properly and correctly. 

5 Major Water Damage Risks can be:

Toxic Mold Growth

Mold growth is one of the most dangerous problems that can arise because of untreated water damage. Mold spores can rapidly spread to porous surfaces and survive for long periods of time. They tend to grow in environments where moisture, humidity, food and oxygen are present. Mold spores are mostly known as harmful allergens that pose a great number of risks depending on the level of mold exposure. Mold can be easily found under walls, floorings, ceilings, attics and crawl spaces. You have to pay special attention to these areas in case you are suffering from water damage. Mold removal is an essential step you have to undertake if you want to have a “mold-free” home or help prevent any further damage that may pose your family’s health at risk.

Lowers Your Home Value

Water damage can seriously damage and weaken your home’s foundation. In case you suspect any structural issues from water damage then you have to thoroughly inspect your property. Damage can appear in various types such as rotting wood, cracks in walls, broken electrical fixtures and sagging beams. 

A water damage inspector is needed to assess and handle the damage in your home and limit the devaluing of your home.

Ruin Your Electrical System

Water and electricity are dangerous combinations that can lead to life-threatening events. That’s why you need to be aware of the dangers that electricity and water can cause to your family’s safety and property as well. Heavy rains, ice dams storm damage can force water to enter your home and they can affect walls, floors and ceilings. Besides in case your fuse boxes, electrical wiring or outlets are exposed to water then they will most probably cause dangerous fires. 

To prevent this from occurring, you should seek professional help to reduce the amount of water.

CPR24 restoration water damage professionals can offer you an expertized water damage examination not only to save your property from further damage but also to allow you to live in a healthy environment.

Destroys Your Walls and Ceilings

The ceilings and walls of your house are mostly built with drywall and that is a prior reason for not letting any water come in. Generally, drywall doesn’t hold up water well and when it gets wet then it forms bubbles which become brittle and tend to discolor. Repainting over the damage is not an effective solution so the only way to fix this issue is to treat the water damage and then start replacing the ruined sections.

If not properly handled, drywall will be affected by severe mold growth and this will quickly turn into a health hazard that will affect your and your family’s health.

Severe Health Hazard

Water Damage cannot only lead to mold growth or weaken your property’s foundation, but it also poses dangerous and suffering health risks. Floodwaters usually carry a bunch of infectious contaminants such as toxic waste, bacteria, sewage and chemical pollutants. Once they get inside your home they cling to floors and walls. When the water finally dries up, it causes a musty smell and makes your environment very unpleasant to live in.

Why choose CPR24 Restoration for Water Damage Restoration Services?

For trustworthy and high-quality water damage restoration services you can address CPR24 Restoration who will immediately assist you in your emergency. Water damage can result in a source of further property damage if left untreated. CPR24 Restoration can offer you reliable, time efficient and cost-effective solutions that will make you get rid of this stressful situation.

CPR24 Water Damage Restoration professionals are constantly using advanced technology equipment and prime products to handle this kind of emergency.

Do not hesitate to call CPR24 Restoration at any time at  (416) 551-8287 or write a description of your water damage emergency at info@cpr24restoration.ca.

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