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The Most Common Causes of Commercial Flooding

Commercial flooding can cause significant damage to your properties and businesses. This can lead to costly repairs and put your business at an abrupt stop, leading to even more losses. It's important to address flooding issues as soon as possible to minimize the effects flooding can have on your business.

In Toronto and throughout the GTA, CPR24 Restoration is your reliable restoration company in Toronto, providing effective restoration services holding an IICRC certification so you can rest assured that any flood we are dealing with gets rectified. 

For more information on the causes of commercial flooding & flood damage repair in Toronto, and to learn how our experts can help, read on.

Causes of Commercial Flooding

There are a variety of factors that commercial flooding can be caused by, including:

Natural Causes

During the winter season, snow accumulates on the ground and rooftops. As the temperature rises, the snow begins to melt, and combined with heavy rain, it can create a significant amount of water. This sudden influx of water can overwhelm drainage systems and cause flooding in commercial buildings.


Plumbing Issues 

Issues such as burst pipes and sewage backups can also lead to flooding, especially if not addressed quickly. Human error is also a factor for reasons such as leaving taps running or failing to perform proper maintenance on plumbing systems.


Damaged Windows

Damaged windows can cause lots of trouble for commercial buildings, especially during heavy rainfall. If left unattended, water can seep through cracks and cause flooding.


Building Foundation

A damaged foundation can be a major cause of commercial flooding. If your building foundation is compromised, it can lead to cracks and leaks in the wall and floor. This can allow water to seep into the building, causing damage to the structure and its contents.


Roof Leaks

When a roof is damaged, it can allow water to leak into the building, causing damage to the structure and contents inside. It is especially important to be sure that your commercial building has no roof leaks when a snowmelt is expected to happen.

Businesses need to be aware of these potential causes and take steps to prevent them from occurring.

Effects of Water Damage in Commercial Buildings

Commercial flooding can have many negative effects on businesses, including:

  • Property damage: Floods can cause significant damage to buildings, equipment, and inventory. This can not only be costly in repairs but also in replacement costs.
  • Business interruption: Business operations may have to come to a complete halt in the event of a flood; in some cases, this may require a business to relocate temporarily, which can further impact their bottom line.
  • Health hazards: Floodwaters can contain harmful contaminants, such as chemicals and bacteria, which can pose health risks to employees and customers. Mold growth would also be a concern in the event of a flood, which can exacerbate respiratory issues and lead to other health problems.

It is of utmost importance for businesses to take steps to mitigate these effects by implementing flood prevention measures and having a plan in place for responding to a flood.

Emergency Water Damage & Flood Restoration Process

When dealing with a commercial flood, it is crucial to hire a professional restoration company to handle the restoration process for effective flood damage repair in Toronto. CPR24 Restoration offers effective restoration services and holds an IICRC certification, ensuring that any flood we deal with gets rectified promptly.

The essential steps in the restoration process following a flood are as follows:

  • Water damage leak detection
  • Water extraction
  • Structural drying
  • Decontamination
  • Cleaning
  • Photographing to ensure you receive proper compensation from your insurance company

Expert Water Damage Clean Up Services at CPR24 Restoration

Hiring a professional restoration company in Toronto like CPR24 Restoration is crucial in the event of commercial flooding. Our restoration process includes Water damage leak detection, water extraction, structural drying, decontamination, cleaning, and proper documentation of the restoration process.

With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we can help minimize the effects of flooding and get your business back up and running as soon as possible with our.

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