Black mold is just like other types of molds, likes moist and warm environments so it can thrive. Common areas that are often damp are bathrooms, showers, kitchen sink areas, basements, or other parts of the house (mainly walls) that are in contact with broken pipes and leaks. 

Black mold is considered toxic mold because it’s a dangerous health hazard. Being exposed to this mold can cause issues with the respiratory system, headaches, and allergic reactions. This is why immediately when noticed should be taken care of. 

There are numerous ways to clean mold but even if it’s in small amounts or spaces, it’s never cleaned properly without the right equipment and chemicals. Don’t add up to your problems by aggravating the mold situation in your property thinking you can solve it by yourself. We suggest you leave this in the hands of the professionals so they can handle it properly. 

Reasons to Avoid DIY Black Mold Removal

Being dangerous for your health is one of the main reasons why you should not try to remove mold by yourself. Another important reason why a professional mould remediation company should handle the job is that they are well trained and have the proper knowledge to inspect, identify and remediate mold. Also, they can find other underlying problems around the house that are causing mold and other issues to your property. Additionally, choosing to handle black mold removal on your own can result in:

  • Aggravating the Situation: During removal, black mold releases spores, which can spread if not properly contained. This can result in mold appearing in other areas of the property, making a small problem a much larger issue.
  • Missing Hidden Mold: Mold is known for hiding in unassuming places, for example, the air vents of your property. While you may be able to remove the obvious mold growth, you may also miss vital areas that require proper treatment for full remediation.
  • Using the Wrong Equipment: the staff of a mold remediation company will use a variety of high-tech equipment to handle toxic black mold, including personal protection gear. Without this equipment, you may put yourself and your family at greater risk.

How Toronto Experts Remove Black Mold

After completing the documentation, the first of the entire mold needs to be insulated from the other spaces, and the air needs to be circulated using industrial fans and dehumidifiers. If the mold is between the wall or under the wallpaper, those need to be opened up or removed in order to ensure complete mould remediation. Some types of mold can be toxic so it’s important that the needed precautions be taken, with the use of proper clothing and filters for breathing.

After that, the mold is removed and the surface is treated with chemicals. If the mold has stayed there for too long, it is possible for the surface or material to have become soft or easily cracked. That needs to be addressed as well and replaced during the remediation process. Any moldy insulation needs to be stripped away and replaced with a new one, and for the walls where there used to be mold, it is sealed (encapsulated). This is to not allow breathing space for new molds to grow or for the old molds to regenerate.

Continuous testing is a viable option not to let mold go out of hand in your home. Not everyone has the luxury of periodically checking every space In their home to monitor for mold, and the use of specialized equipment by companies is definitely a plus.

Overall, CPR24 Restoration is a full-service mold remediation company. What it means is that we offer the full scale of solutions needed for the complete removal and prevention of mold. From identifying the cause of mold to fixing any design flaws or tubing associated with it to repairing or replacing the affected areas, and the prevention of further mold by removal and sealing to rigorous testing to detect any traces of new mold, we strive to be a leader in the mold solutions industry.

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