What is sewage?

Sewage or black water is highly contaminated water in bacteria, parasites, mold, and viruses. Sewage spills caused by toilet overflows or also called sewer backups, are very dangerous and risky for your property but mostly for your health. If you are looking for any valuable information regarding sewage backups and how to proceed if it happens and the cleaning process, CPR24 Restoration is the right place. Sewage spills are one of the most common problematic causes of flooding and can cause cosmetic and structural damage to your home or business. In these cases, acting quickly is the most effective and important thing. 


  • Damage in sewer lines. Aging sewage systems can break down and crack and this can cause sewage backups and flooding.
  • Clogs. When the drain pipes or sewer lines become clogged, sewage can back up into a property and cause much damage. Clogs happen as a result of hair, grease, or other solid materials stuck in the drains.
  • Tree roots. Long tree roots can intertwine with sewer lines and damage them. 

How To Clean Up Sewage In A Crawl Space

The first step is to locate where the sewage spilled and secure the crawl space so nothing gets inside or outside. After that, start the repair on the pipe that is damaged or clogged. 

  • Use a pump to extract the sewage water and sewage remainings from the space using heavy-duty plastic bags. 
  • Set up the dehumidifying equipment and wait for the space to dry out. It might take several days.
  • Disinfect the things you might have stored in the crawl space cause they can be contaminated. 
  • Look for any sign of mold or rot and reconstruct the damaged parts.

This process can be done DIY but we always recommend calling a professional and letting them handle the job because black waters and sewage backups are very filthy and contaminated and it is not a good idea to be exposed to them. 

Why you should ask for our help

CPR24 Restoration does a lot more than deal with a nasty mess. We clean carpets, upholstery, decontaminate the affected areas and perform water damage restoration. If a sewage backup saturates the carpet and/or soaks into drywall, these materials will need to be replaced. Our professional crew works effectively and efficiently. They restore your home or business back to normal, preventing further contamination and letting you get back to business and enjoying life. CPR24 Restoration will work with you to determine what items are salvageable and what are not. They take preventative measures to assure that sewage contaminated waste is not tracked into non-exposed areas. We recommend you keep doors closed and barriers sealed off between the contaminated area and other rooms. Non-salvageable items will be removed and disposed of properly. But you have to know that if salvaged quickly, contents and personal items can be saved. For any emergency, you can have, feel free to call us at  (416) 551-8287 or contact us via email at [email protected]