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DIY vs. Professional Mold Removal Cost Comparison for Toronto Residents

Removing mold from your property is of great importance to protect the health of all occupants that reside in it. Plus, disregarding mold growth can cause damage to your property's structure, furniture, and belongings. 

In the event of mold growth, there are two methods of removal to consider: Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mold removal or professional mold removal. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. Both involve steps aimed at protecting occupants and pertain to issues of quality, time, and cost.

In this article, we'll discuss the pros and cons of DIY mold removal vs. professional mold removal, mold removal costs, why CPR24 Restoration is the right restoration company in Toronto for the job, and more! Read on.

DIY Mold Removal

DIY mold removal is a cost-effective way to remove mold growth from your property. However, it has its cons:

Cons of DIY Mold Removal

DIY mold removal does not always work when trying to address the root cause of mold growth. Sometimes one may not be able to figure out why mold is growing, leading to other problems. Also, poorly performed removal can pose health complications and bring damage to your property. Additionally, it may be very time-consuming to try to remove mold yourself while still not being able to guarantee that the mold has been completely removed.

Safety Concerns

DIY mold removal could endanger your health. When mold grows in your property, it emits spores that might cause lung problems like asthma, rhinitis, and other health problems to the occupants. Substances like bleach can also be harmful when used to try and remove mold when not handled properly.

Cost Analysis

DIY mold removal can be economical, but it is not always enough. The additional costs of buying different kinds of chemicals, equipment, and mold removers will add to the total cost. It is also worth noting that mold may still grow if the root cause is not addressed, costing you more down the line.

Professional Mold Removal

Professional mold removal is a reliable way to remove mold growth from your property, and here’s why:

Pros of Professional Mold Removal

Professional mold removal companies have the skill and equipment needed to effectively rid a property of mold growth. They can recognize the root cause of mold growth and take the necessary steps to prevent its future development. In addition, they can handle large-scale mold growth and ensure the safe disposal of mold-infested materials.

Professional mold removal will have a higher price tag than DIY solutions. However, it is much more effective. In addition, you should only use a reliable and licensed mold removal company such as CPR24 Restoration.

Safety Concerns

Professional mold removal companies follow safety protocols to ensure the safety of their clients and themselves. They utilize personal protective gear and other equipment to protect themselves from mold spores. Furthermore, they arrange for safe disposal of damaged materials contaminated with mold to protect the occupants of the property.

Cost Analysis

Professional mold removal has its costs, depending on the size and location of the infested area. However, it is a guaranteed method of eradicating mold regardless of the expense.

Comparison of DIY and Professional Mold Removal

Cost Comparison

Walls and ceilings with mold growth are more than just a pain in the neck; they require urgent attention, so they must be taken care of quickly and effectively. With DIY mold removal, you might have to spend more money than you would think buying the necessary equipment and chemicals. Professional mold removal may be costly, but it's the most efficient and reliable way to get rid of mold growth.

Quality of Work Comparison

DIY mold removal may be less effective than professional mold removal. Professionals such as CPR24 Restoration can deal with mold growth efficiently with the help of equipment and proper skills. They can also find the mold source and take steps to protect the rest of the house from further growth.

Timeframe Comparison

DIY mold removal can be time-consuming and may not be suitable for large-scale mold growth. Hiring a mold removal company can be very helpful in treating mold growth and seeing immediate improvement. Plus, the company will be able to complete the job in a short timeframe.

Health and Safety Comparison

If DIY mold removal is not done properly, it might cause you negative health effects. Mold removal services are provided by specialized companies and provide zero risk to their clients health and safety.

Professional Mold Removal with CPR24 Restoration

When it comes to mold removal on your property, you have two options: DIY mold removal or professional mold removal. One option is to spend less by cleaning molds yourself, but it may not be effective. The second option is to reach out to an expert in the field, such as CPR24 Restoration, to ensure that mold is completely removed from the surface to the root.  CPR24 Restoration is currently one of the most qualified and licensed in the Toronto area, so why wait? Reach out to one of our representatives today to get started with your professional mold removal.

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