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What Causes Crawlspace Mold | Our Crawlspace Mold Removal Process

Mold in every part of your property is unhealthy and can cause potential structural damage to your property. If you notice the first signs of crawlspace mold inside your home it is better to ask for the help of a professional restoration company. Only in this way you can get rid of mold and prevent further mold growth. CPR24 Restoration understands that dealing with mold in your crawl space is very stressful that’s why we provide you with a fast and thorough crawl space mold removal. Our restoration team will assist you with commercial and residential mold removal services explaining every step of the process. 

What Causes Mold Growth in Crawlspace? 

Mold thrives easily in crawl spaces because there is a high level of humidity and moisture in this area. Because they are so close to the earth, crawl spaces are a constant source of moisture that is just waiting to seep inside and start growing mold. To keep mold away, these areas must remain dry.

Many homeowners experience mold problems and homes with crawl spaces are more vulnerable to mold growth when the crawlspace is damp. 

Here are some of the common causes that lead to crawlspace mold: 

1. Massive Humidity Outside

Your crawl space will be badly affected by humidity levels over 60%. You might think about crawl space encapsulation if you reside in a region with excessive humidity. Crawlspace area humidity can be managed by caulking the vents, adding a vapor barrier, and setting up a dehumidifier.

2. Cold Duct Work in a Hot Crawl Space

When heated air and cold surfaces come in contact, condensation occurs when the surface perspires and releases moisture. High humidity results from moisture entering the air. Mold grows in areas with high humidity. Condensation can be controlled by adjusting the dew point in the crawl space.

3. Insulation for wet floors

Your subfloor insulation absorbs moisture when it rains, which seeps into the nearby wood. Mold grows on wet wood. Plumbing leaks and high humidity can cause the insulation to become damp. It is frequently necessary to remove and replace damp insulation while keeping humidity under control.

4. Crawlspace Mold is caused by plumbing leaks

It can be challenging to locate a plumbing leak in the crawl space. Most of the time, moisture is trapped by the subfloor insulation. Insulation beneath the floor can help conceal a leak for months or even years. Mold and the fungus that causes wood to deteriorate eventually grow on wet subfloors. A thorough crawl space inspection for mold presence is necessary to detect the source of mold growth and remove it. 

5. Flooded Crawl Space Foundation Walls

High humidity is undoubtedly a result of foundation flooding, but this is not necessarily the solution. Additionally, eliminating humidity won’t get rid of crawlspace mold. If you think your crawl space is flooding, you should immediately contact CPR24 Restoration to take urgent action. We will use a dehumidifier and vapor barrier in the process.

Crawlspace Mold


How to Prevent the Growth of Mold in Crawl Spaces


It is much better to prevent mold in a crawl space than to deal with it when it poses a developing threat. You may prevent mold from forming under your house with a little effort by carrying out the following actions:

  • Make sure the crawl area is adequately encased and shut off.
  • See whether any faulty water pipes are the source of the issue. If not addressed, water damage in a crawlspace will quickly result in the growth of mold.
  • Check to see whether a dryer vent is pushing humid air into the crawl space.
  • If these simple steps don’t result in the prevention of any type of mold then you should ask for the help of CPR24 Restoration to start a thorough crawlspace mold inspection and removal

Hire CPR24 Restoration for Fast and Reliable Crawlspace Mold Removal

You need to act quickly to get rid of any mold, whether it is black mold or white mold in a crawl space. Even a small amount of mold beneath the house will quickly spread. To help your property get back to its previous situation and be totally mold-free you need the help of a professional restoration company. CPR24 Restoration has the necessary experience to provide you with a fast and thorough crawlspace mold removal process.

Our restoration experts are fully trained and certified according to the latest requirements of the restoration industry. We aim to provide you with a quick and safe mold removal process in Toronto and the GTA. If you want to remove mold permanently and have a fresh-smelling property you already know where to find the best restoration company. Call us today at (416) 551-8287! We will arrive at your location within 45 minutes.

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