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Professional Basement Mold Removal Services in Toronto

Mold problems are very common at every homeowner’s property in Toronto. Having to deal with mold growth in different parts of the house starting with the crawl space or basement is very stressful and exhausting. Getting rid of mold in your basement is a difficult task and it shouldn’t be undertaken alone. You definitely need professional basement mold removal services. CPR24 Restoration is the leading restoration industry in Toronto and the GTA that is always ready to provide customers with commercial and residential water damage restoration and mold removal services.  

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What Causes Basement Mold?

When there is moisture from HVAC condensation, pipe leaks, or unprotected basement walls, you can easily find mold. You can typically detect where mold is growing by looking around your HVAC units, under overhead pipes, and along the seam where the basement walls meet the floor. There are numerous varieties of mold, and you as a homeowner can’t distinguish them, but we at CPR24 Restoration have the proper education to do that. Our restoration team is fully trained and has extensive experience in the mold remediation process. We implement the latest technological methodologies in our restoration process providing you with fast and thorough basement mold removal services. 

How to Understand if You Need Basement Mold Removal Services?

The presence of mold is sometimes difficult to get recognized by homeowners. If left unattended mold can cause severe damage to your residential or commercial property as well as different health problems. It is crucial to get the clean mold before it gets worse since it can grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours everywhere there is moisture and insufficient airflow. Mold will develop on the walls, floor joists, and other exposed places in unfinished basements. 

If your basement is finished, mold will grow behind the walls, below the carpet or flooring, and on just about any organic surface. Finding the source of the problem is just as important as getting rid of the mold in your basement if you want to make sure it won’t come again.

To prevent further mold damage a quick action is needed. That’s why it is essential to contact CPR24 Restoration for professional basement mold removal services. As soon as you notice the first signs you have mold on your property give us a call at  (416) 551-8287! We provide you with basement mold removal services 24/7.

Here are some of the signs that can help you recognize the presence of mold in your basement:

  • The musty smell that is present throughout the house, especially when the windows and doors are shut
  • Weeping walls or standing water
  • leaking or broken pipes
  • buckling or warping floorboards
  • Visible mold

 basement mold removal


Our Basement Mold Removal Services Offer a Permanent Solution 


The process of basement mold removal and mitigation is very complex you should always ask for the help of a professional restoration company that will provide you with outstanding basement mold removal services and gets your property back to its previous situation. 

When you hire CPR24 Restoration for basement mold removal services you can rest assured that you will get the best result and your property will be totally mold-free. 

Our basement mold removal process includes the following steps:

1. Safety precautions for basement mold removal services

2. Take out the moldy carpet

3. Keep the damaged area sealed up.

4. Crack up rotten walls

5. Moldy materials should be wet, then bagged.

6. Use a mold cleaner to scrub moldy surfaces.

7. After the mold has dried, we seal the areas.

8. Cleaning Methods for Surface Mold

9. Methods for Removing Surface Mold

Choose CPR24 Restoration for the Best Basement Mold Removal Services

Having to deal with basement mold is a stressful and exhausting situation. To remove mold permanently you definitely need the help of a professional. CPR24 Restoration is a fully trained restoration company that provides its customers with basement mold removal services in Toronto and the GTA. Our team is fully trained and has the latest technical equipment to provide a fast and thorough mold removal process. If you are facing basement mold on your property and you don’t know which company to choose then you are in the right place. Call us now on our phone number (416) 551-8287!  We offer restoration services 24/7.

Our Guarantee for Any Emergency

When emergencies strike, count on CPR24 Restoration to be your trusted partner. Serving the entire Greater Toronto Area, we specialize in both commercial and residential water damage cleanup and mold removal. With our 24/7 availability, we're always here when you need us most. Our mission is simple: to deliver top-tier restoration services that swiftly return you to your property. Our team of skilled professionals will guide you through the entire restoration journey, ensuring you're informed every step of the way. Your recovery is our priority, and we're dedicated to making it as smooth as possible. When you call, our IICRC-certified team will be there in 45 minutes or less"

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