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Dormant Mold Spores: Risky For Your Property?

Mold spores have the ability to naturally exist in the environment and circulate around us without properly noticing them. Our world is swarming with microbes, including mold spores, everywhere you turn. Mold infestations frequently begin because the mold spores were already present and now have the ideal conditions to thrive, rather than because they suddenly entered your home.

How Dangerous are the Inactive Mold Spores?

The biology of mold operates considerably different from that of animals and plants. Mold begins with spores, which can remain dormant forever. If they don’t detect the proper balance of moisture, temperature, air, and food, dormant spores remain dormant. The dormant spores begin actively producing mold when anything changes.

Knowing that there are likely existing mold spores in or around your home, call a licensed mold remediation company as soon as you notice any mold-related symptoms.

CPR24 Restoration uses modern mold treatment techniques that are much less invasive compared to other marketing alternatives.

Where do Dormant Mold Spores Hide?

Mold can hide anywhere, and at the same time, can sit dormant for a very long period of time in order to find the appropriate environment to grow. Severe mold and mildew growth can be developed in tiles, drywall, flooring, or any other porous surfaces. For as long as the area is dry then mold spores will remain inactive and dormant. However, to avoid further mold growth you should tactically check all your home areas.

Does Dormant Mold Spores Pose Health Risks?

The mold spores temporarily lose their activity when they dry out. In spite of the fact that it may not be spreading rapidly in this region, it can nevertheless aggravate allergies and have unpleasant health effects.

Many people have the misconception that mold is only harmful if you come into contact with it. However, even dormant fungi can result in symptoms including skin rashes, runny nose, itchy eyes, and coughing or sneezing. Therefore, even allowing dry spores inside your home poses a serious health risk. The entire infestation must be eliminated if you wish to lead a healthy, and fungus-free life.  

Will Mold Disappear without Moisture?

This fungus needs water to flourish, as was already mentioned. It does not, however, require water to survive. The mold spores will merely “go to sleep” if they are deprived of a steady source of water. Under the correct circumstances and depending on the particular mold, they can persist in this state for a very long time. Generally, mold spores can persist for thousands of years.

These tenacious spores will persist until they can once again find water. A mold infestation won’t simply “go away” even if the source of water or humidity is shut off. Even in its latent state, it will continue to be present. For this reason, simply taking humidity out of the equation is insufficient. You must totally destroy the spores, in addition to the mold, if you don’t ever want to see a mold outbreak again.

Is it Necessary to Remove Inactive Mold?

In addition to being significantly lighter than their active counterparts, dry mold spores lack moisture. Due to their small weight, they are easily transported throughout the house and contaminated as well. 

Furthermore, even dormant fungus in one location can endanger the health of local residents. These factors need the physical removal of all fungal spores from the area. Simply “killing” the mold won’t do the trick. You must permanently remove these infectious spores from your house as soon as possible.

Mold and mildew spores are ubiquitous and some of them can disappear by cleaning and others by growing on dark and damp corners of your home o eleven behind the walls.  You do not have to spend a fortune to get rid of them and save your home. 

All you need are CPR24 Restoration certified mold removal professionals to inspect your home and apply certified products to eliminate mold growth safely and quickly. For expertized mold removal services you can freely call (416) 551-8287 and our mold remediators will be immediately at your property to assist you!

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