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4 Major Risks Of DIY Drain Cleaning

Every Canadian property owner once in a lifetime is highly likely to experience drain issues. It is very important to understand what goes under our drains every day. Starting from the dishes, where various types of grease or food particles tend to get washed down the drain or the shower where soap, hair and dirt circulate into your home’s plumbing system. If you are not conducting frequent drain cleaning then all the buildup will wreak havoc on your property’s pipes and sewage lines.

Which are the most Common Benefits of Drain Cleaning?

Fast and Efficient Drainage

One of the most important and noticeable benefits when cleaning your drains is that they can drain extremely quickly. Water will no longer stand in the drain or slowly gurgle down the pipe. The likelihood of an overflow or the development of standing water is decreased with a clean kitchen drain and other water fixtures. This is particularly important for toilet drains since maintaining their cleanliness will help to prevent backflow.

Prevent Leaks

Chemical deposits that build up inside your drain pipes over time could cause them to corrode. By regularly having your pipes cleaned, you may completely prevent such dangerous leaks. By extending the life of your existing pipes, you can avoid the expense and hassle of having to reconstruct your entire home to fix all of your existing drain pipes.

Musty Odor Prevention 

Drain cleaning failure can by far increase the possibility of foul odor occurrence that allows toxic mold and bacteria growth around your home areas. Keep in mind that mold spores are very fond of damp and dark environments and your home’s drains are perfect for mold to thrive as they have dampness and darkness to spare. In case you are only relying on the regular flow of water to eliminate mold spores then they will not only start to develop but will also cause overwhelming damage. A thorough drain cleaning is the best solution in order to finally get rid of these toxic spores and prevent bacteria from growing. 

Prevent Property Damage

Do you still recall how corrosive chemical deposits may be to the pipes in your house? Or how a toilet’s backflow might be triggered by a blockage in the drain? These leaks may cause damage to your home, which is an unfortunate outcome of the situation. Because this water is already tainted with harmful chemicals and bacteria, the damage that a leak in a drain full of sewage may do is far more severe than the destruction that a clean water line can create.

All this unsanitary water is responsible for causing discoloration of walls and flooring as well as being very costly to repair. Preventing this kind of damage is one of the advantages of having the sewage cleaned out and the drains cleared.

Prevent Clog Formation

Naturally, preventing clogs from occurring is the most obvious advantage of properly cleaning your drains. In other words, you won’t be required to put up with clogged sinks or sewage backflow.

Which are the Hidden Dangers of DIY Drain Cleaning?

Water moves more slowly when a sink or shower drain is plugged in. Waiting for the sink to empty slows down daily activities like cooking, cleaning, and laundry. No one is fond of dealing with severe plumbing problems that can cause overwhelming damage. Your initial instinct might be to buy a bottle of cleanser and pour it into the fixture, but there are risks involved with doing your own drain cleaning that you should be aware of.

Strong Chemicals

Household chemicals manufacturers know that grease, hair and soap scum are the most common substances that can cause blockages. That is why they produce strong chemicals that are able to destroy all of them and clean the drain. However, you should know that some consequences come along with such strong chemicals that can cause damage to both skin and eyes.

Pouring chemicals down the drain will cause them to enter the sewer system. Any water pipe leaks could result in harmful chemicals seeping into the water system. These corrosive materials are bad for the environment.

Temporary Fix

DIY drain treatments rarely provide anything more than a short-term solution in cases of severe blockages. Snakes and chemicals both go the easiest route. They can make a hole in a clog without clearing it entirely. You might observe a brief improvement, but it won’t take long for the water to begin slowing down once more.

Mask the Real Problem 

The first sign of a sewage line obstruction is a slow drain at the lowest place in your house. You should not attempt to clear this type of clog on your own. DIY techniques will only result in a stressful day spent among hazardous chemicals and sewer water backups. Your greatest chance of correctly diagnosing and resolving a significant clog is to call a licensed plumber.

How often should Drain Cleaning be performed?

Drain cleaning is classified as a part of your home’s maintenance duties. When it comes to drain cleaning frequency, every homeowner should consider some significant factors such as the likelihood to use your drains or the overall size of your house. For such jobs, it is beyond required to hire professional plumbers who have undergone extensive training and offer high-quality and trustworthy professional plumbing and heating services. 

Why is Professional Plumbing Help important when Cleaning Drains?

Sometimes, white vinegar, baking soda and many other cleaning solutions or DIY drain cleaning kits are not efficient solutions that will help you conduct a good drain cleaning. Specific tools, equipment and products are required that will help you get rid of any plumbing emergency that can occur. CPR24 Restoration uses advanced technology equipment and certified and eco-friendly products for safe house drain cleaning.

In case you are facing emergency plumbing issues or you are in need of a trustworthy and premium drain cleaning for your home then do not hesitate to contact our professional plumbers and take immediate assistance!

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