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CPR24 Restoration Water Damage Procedure

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    The steps of a water damage restoration procedure

    CPR24 Restoration Services has the knowledge and tools to swiftly restore your property to its pre-water damage state. We take a scientific approach to water removal and cleanup, emphasizing continuous monitoring and documentation of the drying process to ensure health and safety for the property owners.

    Every water damage situation is different and necessitates a different response, but the overall procedure remains the same.

    • Contact the Restoration Company in Case of an Emergency

    When you contact us, our representative will walk you through a series of questions that will help us respond to your specific water emergency. We’ll proceed to set up a time for our CPR24 Restoration technicians to assess the property and prepare a restoration plan for you when we’ve gotten a better grasp of your issue. We’ll want to schedule this as soon as possible because a quick response is crucial for the water damage restoration process.

    • Water Damage Assessment and Inspection

    When our experts arrive at your property, they will inspect the water damage and assist you to understand the extent of the damage, any hazards or health risks that may be present in case of any sewage backup, and what can be recovered. We will also aid in stopping the source of the water damage if necessary. All of this information is necessary for developing an effective plan of action that will result in your property’s successful and professional restoration.

    • Removal of Water

    Water extraction is usually the first step in any water damage repair service. This helps to prevent water from spreading throughout the structure and speeds up the drying time and drying process. During the water removal procedure, powerful pumps and extraction devices are typically used to remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water.

    • Damaged Materials Must Be Removed

    If any materials are unable to be successfully restored, you will be notified. To speed up the drying of all restorable materials, they are normally removed as soon as possible.

    • Deodorization, sanitization, and cleaning

    Floors, furniture, and other personal belongings may require cleaning, sanitizing, or deodorization as a result of water damage. To complete this critical component of restoration, the CPR24 Restoration team employs a combination of carefully designed materials, industry-leading equipment, and tried-and-true processes.

    • Drying

    Our experts use industry-leading drying technology to remove the standing water you can’t see after the bulk of the water has been removed. This will target water within materials in order to restore their moisture levels to their original state. Normally, this equipment is installed during the initial visit to your home. The type and amount of equipment you need are determined by your specific situation as well as industry norms.

    • Monitoring

    Throughout the structural drying process, our specialists will want to visit your property on a regular basis to ensure that items are drying properly, to check the performance of drying equipment, if mold growth has occurred, and to make any necessary changes. This procedure of monitoring is essential for the effective and efficient drying of your property.

    • Construction and Repairs

    Following these preliminary stages, your home may require building work to restore it to its pre-loss condition. Minor repairs or replacing entire portions of your home can be part of the rehabilitation process. We also collaborate with insurance companies. By taking care of both the early damage mitigation and the reconstruction of the affected areas, we can make the restoration process go more smoothly. Having a single qualified provider handle the entire procedure might save time and money. 

    Dealing with water damage alone most of the time is impossible so choosing the right contractor is crucial. CPR24 Restoration provides exceptional 24 hours day service for our customers. CALL (416) 551-8287 in case any emergency occurs or contact us online for a variety of water damage services.