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    What is Thermal Imaging

    After a leak or flooding is discovered, Thermal Imaging Technology saves our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly investigations to locate the cause of the water damage. By isolating the suspected regions of water infiltration, we can reduce the amount of material that needs to be removed.

    To speed the removal of water in damaged areas, CPR24 Restoration uses advanced technologies such as thermal imaging guns with infrared cameras. We can provide an insurance water damage claim with the thermal imaging gun by assessing exactly what needs to be eliminated and saving money on the reconstruction process. The Thermographic Camera can see what the naked eye can’t, which is one of the reasons CPR24 Restoration has successfully restored thousands of homes and businesses across the GTA.

    The advantages of thermal imaging

    • Determine the likelihood of equipment and electrical failure, water damage, and temperature problems.
    • Reduce system downtime and boost performance.
    • Injury risk is reduced, and safety is improved.

    Thermal imaging can also be used by CPR24 Restoration to discover air leaks and missing insulation in various parts of your home. Customers can save money on heating and energy expenditures as a result of this. This high-resolution thermal display shows where caulking or foam insulation around windows and doors may have failed to owe to deterioration over time or incorrect installation. We can assist avoid possible mold concerns in the attic by detecting missing insulation on external walls or attic regions. Air leakage causes moisture to build up, which leads to mold growth.

    CPR24 Restoration is a restoration company 24/7 on duty to help you with any kind of water damage emergency you might face. We also offer additional services. Call us at (416) 551-8287 for more information.