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CPR24 Restoration Sewer Backup Cleanup & Disinfection

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    Guiding you through sewer backup cleanup and disinfection

    Water damage is classified into several categories. The most serious problem is sewage backup. Sewage backup can pose a serious health hazard. The longer the contamination process goes on, the more germs can sprout and thrive, potentially causing serious sickness. 

    Furthermore, sewage back-flow can cause significant damage to your house and its structure by introducing hazardous organisms into it. Sewage backups necessitate urgent action to minimize cleanup costs and health risks.

    If sewage is not properly disinfected, cleansed, and sanitized, your repair expenses will skyrocket. CPR24 Restoration specializes in quickly resolving sewage backups.

    How it’s done

    Thousands of homes and businesses have been restored across the GTA due to the sewage backlog thanks to our highly experienced professionals. The technique is a five-step process that must be completed by IICRC qualified and licensed personnel. Professionals from CPR24 Restoration will:

    1. Keep the region under control.
    2. Determine the extent of the sewage damage and close all air vents. To prevent future harm, we isolate the polluted area from the rest of the property.
    3. Execute sewage water extraction or sewage removal. To remove the stink and ensure that your home is safe and clean, we use plant-based green/eco-friendly treatments to disinfect and remove the unpleasant stench. Toxic substances are removed from the air using air scrubbers.
    4. To eliminate any surplus moisture, drying and dehumidifying equipment will be deployed on-site in all affected areas. This step of the technique is critical for preventing mold growth and mold damage.
    5. All damaged property and items resulting from the sewer backlog shall be restored to their pre-disaster state.

    CPR24 Restoration has a very skilled and trained team ready to help you with any kind of water damage you might face. We are just one call away. Let us handle it. 

    In case of an emergency, call (416) 551-8287, and our 24/7 customer service will respond to you in no time.