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CPR24 Restoration Preventing Secondary Water Damage

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    What is the definition of secondary water damage?

    Secondary water damage is damage that occurs as a result of water infiltration or water damage. Mold Growth, as previously indicated, is the most prevalent, but it is not the only one. The following are the most typical types of secondary damage:

    Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours if it is given enough moisture. Mold will grow if the water-damaged area is not dried correctly and quickly.

    Electrical Harm – Water can do major damage if it gets into any of the electrical sockets. If you think you’ve been shocked by electricity, keep away from the location and call an expert to help you.

    Corrosion or rust occurs when metal materials (such as studs and pipes) are exposed to water. This will impair the material’s structure, and if not addressed, the metal will disintegrate over time, causing even more severe harm.

    Wood Rot – This is similar to rusting, except it affects organic materials such as your home’s wooden framework. If left untreated, this can lead to serious structural problems.

    Material Damage – When flooring materials such as hardwood and laminate are exposed to water, they often “buckle” and lose their shape. There is no way to restore them to their previous state after this has occurred, thus it must be removed. This can be avoided if the water is dried out in a timely manner. Also, if standing water is trapped beneath the flooring, mold has perfect conditions to grow in a cool, moist environment.

    Health risks are another secondary problem that comes after water damage. If the type of water damage that occurred was sewer backups then the black waters will become a serious health hazard if not treated properly and in time.

    A guide into preventing secondary water damage

    When it comes to water damage, the longer you wait to fix the problem, the more harm you’ll cause. CPR24 Restoration may assist you with emergency services, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We specialize in water damage restoration, including wet walls and ceilings, flooded basements, burst pipes, and mildew or mold.

    Moisture, humidity, and flooding compromise the structural integrity of your home by weakening the floors, walls, and ceilings, as well as generating mold, which is extremely hazardous to you and your family.

    All water damage restoration services are provided by CPR24 Restoration, including:

    • Services for Storage
    • Extraction of Water
    • Flooded Areas Drying and Dehumidification
    • Flood Damage Assessment
    • Deodorizing
    • Mold Removal and Prevention
    • Property Restoration from Start to Finish
    • Insurance Billing Direct to Your Insurance Company

    Call CPR24 Restoration at (416) 551-8287 in any case you might need our help.