Drying water damage

Water Damage | Principles of Drying

Have you had a flood in your home? A burst pipe? Maybe a drain backup? Whatever the case, you are now surrounded by water, your carpets are wet, water is sipping in your hardwood floors, clothing, toys, and furnishings are wet. You don’t know where do you start? It’s important that water should be extracted as soon as possible to limit damage to your boards and drywall or worst, to go on your hardwood floor. In those cases, you have to call a water damage restoration company as soon as possible.

CPR24 Restoration is the right decision. We have professional-grade equipment like vacuums for water, pumps, driers, dehumidifiers, and more. We also know that a home should be completely dry within 4 days or the risk for bacteria growth increases exponentially. So, don’t take the risk of trying to remedy the situation yourself.

Here we show you the principles of drying from water damage:

Water Extraction

The primary step of the drying process is to put away all the excess water from the affected rooms. CPR24 Restoration uses the best technology and techniques of water extractors and vacuums. All excess water is extracted from floors and all wet furniture is moved from the affected areas.


After a flood, your drywall, wood framing, and subfloors are typically saturated with water which needs to be dried as to not cause further damage. This happens with evaporation. We use industrial air movers that move thousands of cubic feet of air per minute. Also, we take care to place one of these air-movers as close of wall space to maximize evaporation.


After turning water into vapours there is elevated humidity in the space. So, CPR24 Restoration uses industrial Dehumidifiers. They are used to remove moisture from the air and turn them back into water that is removed from the property.


The temperature has a big effect on the drying process. We recommend turning up the heat. Proper temperature control will increase the drying rate. Restoration equipment also emits heat so that contributes to the drying and evaporation processes.

If you have been affected by water damage and are looking for a company that can remediate the damage and restore your home, feel free to call CPR24 Restoration at  +1 416-551-8287. We are ready to help you drying, because you know how difficult it is when you face a flood or water damage.


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