Water damage cleanup

Water Damage Cleanup Tips

Your house and furniture are always at risk of getting water damaged at any time. There are many cases in which water damage can occur such as burst pipes, flooding, washing machine overflow and you don’t want them to damage your expensive furniture. But if such a case comes true, you may ask yourself what should be done next? Well, water damage cleanup is a huge deal and should be handed over to professionals. CPR24 Restoration is ready and will fully dedicate to restore your place in its normal state with fast delivery time.

But before CPR24 Restoration experts show up in your place, there are some steps that you can take to minimize damage.

1. Find the water supply and shut it down

It is important in cases such as washing machine overflow or burst pipes to shut down the water supply. Just give CPR24 Restoration a call and we will later provide you with a water damage restoration plan.

2. Unplug electrical appliances

You don’t want your electrical machines to get damaged by water or any electrical current going to them through it Plugging them off is a must and if water levels rise too much you will have to cut the power supply off.

3. Remove the water damage

Once you’ve unplugged all electrical appliances and shut down the water supply, it’s time to remove as much water as you can. You can use different size buckets to remove most of the water and then soak up the remaining with towels.

4. Move Furniture, and Smaller Items

Try to remove small items from the room and spread them outside to dry. Place aluminum foil or wood blocks under furniture legs in this way to prevent carpet stains. Metal table, chair legs, or other furniture can leave rust stains. Remove smaller items such as books, chairs, and other miscellaneous objects from the area.

The steps you take yourself will make the water damage cleanup process much faster and less costly.

Also as a restoration company, we cal help you with other pieces of advice related to water damage restoration.
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