Washing Machine Overflow


A washing machine overflow can be a real horror to a homeowner: You see water and foam rushing in everywhere, you do anything to stop it, but often times the foam and water keep progressing even after you turn off the power, and from a tiresome day of washing loads of clothes, the work doesn’t seem to be stopping.

Keeping your washing machine in the bathroom can limit the damage made by the washing machine, but nowadays it is more likely to find it in other rooms due to space efficiency. The water and foam can get everywhere and flood the whole area. It can easily get inside the crawl space and wreak havoc throughout your home forcing you to deal with water damage throughout your house.

It is important that in any case of washing machine overflow you take extra steps to resolve the issue for good, since repairing the washing machine now will be much easier on your budget than having to deal with water damage on a later day.

washing machine overflow

Washing machine overflow can happen for various reasons. The most common issues are:

  • Inlet valve
  • Water level switch
  • Drain Pipe

For the issues with the inlet valve or the water level switch, you will need to replace the broken parts. In order to do that, you will have to unscrew the panel and top of the washing machine, test and detect which of the parts is defective and get a replacement for that. Since different washing machines have different component architectures, it is often more convenient to get a technician to fix that for you.

As for the issues with the drainpipe, especially with the old houses, the drainpipe can’t handle as much water. A few years ago, the washing machines did not have a lot of water capacity, but now they can hold more clothes and more water, and they can release that water at a higher speed and larger volume. Generally, the tubing in your home should be able to contain the water, but it can easily get clogged by the lint or residue.

What you can do to prevent the drainpipe from clogging is to install a lint filter on the end of the tube and to periodically check and clean the pipes.

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