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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our tiles are a very important part of our homes and the environment. They are the only thing holding what falls on the floor and are constantly in contact with all kinds of particles, fluids, and dirt. As time passes, being in contact with all these types of materials can make them lose their shine and lustre.

Mopping and scrubbing is a good solution for you to remove most of the particles and help bring some shine to the old surfaces, but some of those particles can be more difficult and sometimes impossible to remove by means of traditional cleaning. The grout standing between the tiles can be the hardest part of all to clean as it’s where the dirt ends up when not properly cleaned. So you need a partner to help with tile and grout cleaning.

What you need is a professional service

It is highly recommended that once in a few months you hire a company to do the cleaning for your tiles and grout. Although consistent and good cleaning of the floor yourself can be beneficial to decrease the frequency at which you will need a company to work on cleaning your tiles, it is something that is bound to happen.

Nowadays, as the designs of the tiles are more intricate, almost all of the commercially used tiles and grout have pores that tend to be very efficient at trapping particles of dust and dirt.

Deep Tile and Grout Cleaning

Deep cleaning is the solution to remove all of the dirt that has managed to penetrate the tiles and grout and help bring back the shine that used to be. It is the most efficient way for you to clean your home, office, or external environment.

We use specialized equipment to make sure that the floor is as clean as it can be, and so that the grout returns to its original colour. We also offer to restore and replacing the old grout if it is damaged or discoloured.

Take care of your home. Make sure that your floors are hygenic, and be confident when taking a step at your home.

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