The Do’s and Don’ts for Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire damage is always considered a nightmare. It is such a devastating and overwhelming situation and experience whether it’s a commercial or residential property damaged. The first, that comes to mind is getting cleaning supplies to fix the mess but we suggest you let that into professionals’ hands. So much work to get back to normal.

 When you see yourself surrounded by flame-damaged and soot-covered possessions, the only thing you see is the disaster. But, as long as everybody gets out safe and no one is hurt, stuff can get fixed.

 Here are some tips on what to DO and to NOT do after fire damage.

The DO’s:

  • Make yours and the people’s safety around you a priority. Even if you think the fire is gone don’t enter the property without the professional’s permission.
  • Limit any movement so smoke or soot particles don’t spread around.
  • Ventilate the space by opening the windows.
  • Turn off all the utilities like water, electricity or gas. They might cause even more damage if fire damage occurs.
  • Take notes and pictures of anything damaged so you can prove to your insurance company and they can compensate for the cost of the damage.
  • Call the insurance company agent and file your claim as soon as possible.
  • Call the emergency restoration service company and let the professionals handle the situation.
  •  Try saving as many documents and receipts that you had laying around the house as possible.

The DON’Ts:

  • Don’t enter the house without permission. Fires can restart or the house structure can be damaged. 
  • Avoid use utilities before they are considered safe to use by the professionals to prevent any other emergency.
  • Don’t start cleaning before the insurance company shows up.
  • Don’t consume the food that was exposed to the fire and soot.

Why CPR24 Restoration is the best choice

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