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Structural Drying in Toronto For Commercial Property

If water damage occurs in your commercial property, time is essential. There is no time to waste as you need to make a quick action in minimizing or to prevent further damage to your property. If there is a long-standing water buildup in your business property, the damage will spread and mould problems will develop, which means a  lot of money and high costs in damage repair and restoration.  If flooding resulted in water-logging, you should contact an expert in commercial structural drying Toronto like CPR24 Restoration to assess the damage and make a restoration plan to reduce and prevent long-term structural damage. Also to prevent health issues related to mould growth.

Water damage can lead to moisture, which can damage any material, no matter how well built. Structural drying is the process of removing moisture from the elements of a structure until they’re back to their natural moisture level. For a business, there is nothing more important than saving time. And there is nothing more valuable than getting over a disaster quickly and resuming life as usual. Fast drying prevents lingering moisture from causing mould growth and creating a healthier, safer environment.

Commercial water damage can be handled only by the restoration professional teams. Our restoration experts at CPR24 Restoration have the expertise and restoration tools there are needed to quickly and effectively dry out the affected commercial structure. Restoration experts like us have commercial-grade structural drying equipment that is specially made to ensure quick and efficient removal of water from the affected property and avoid long-lasting damage.

Structural Drying Toronto Process

Restoration specialists like CPR24 Restoration use large desiccant drying technology to speed up the drying process for a commercial restoration project. A disciplined drying process must be observed to ensure the mitigation of further damage.

  • The primary step in the process is the initial inspection and assessment of structural damage. Professional inspection and assessment are done by the restoration company to determine the right equipment to use in drying.
  • Step two involves the removal of water. The use of truck-mounted water-extracting equipment must be done to ensure the complete removal of water from the affected structure.
  • The third one is to the application of the anti-microbial agents to the surfaces of the water-damaged area. This is to make sure that mould and moisture growth is prevented.
  • The fourth step in this process is the actual drying and dehumidification. This part involves the use of rapid drying fans from the best restoration equipment company combined with the use of dehumidifiers and desiccant drying equipment. CPR24 Restoration uses the latest drying and dehumidification technology. We also ensure safe and complete drying of the affected structure.
  • Step five is to continuously monitor the effectiveness of the drying and decontamination process with the use of moisture meters. This will ensure that moisture content is monitored closely in both affected and non-affected building materials.

There are 3 main benefits to structural drying

  • Professionals bring experience. There are different classes of water damage, and each requires different methodologies to properly contain and dry it. A structural drying company in Toronto knows water damage is progressive.
  • Rapid drying saves you time and money. Structural drying companies in Toronto bring all the equipment they’ll need for a job. Structural drying can keep permanent structural damage from occurring and prevent mould.
  • Professionals provide documentation. The insurance company knows that almost every householder is amateur when it comes to natural disasters, so a professional drying company provides the best methods and careful documentation of moisture measurements along the way. Letting the experts dry your house in Toronto ensures as much of your property is saved as possible.

In any event that your business in Toronto or GTA is experiencing water damage and needs commercial structural drying and water extraction, contact our restoration experts at +1 416-551-8287 today! We use the latest structural drying equipment and our restoration specialists can get your business clean and dry as soon as possible.

We also are a restoration company that provides commercial owners with a comprehensive assessment of the damage and an estimate of the cost and amount of time it will take to repair the damage. Don’t think twice to call us!


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