Stain Removal

However careful we might be so that our precious belongings last as long as possible, unfortunately, accidents related with stains are bound to happen from time to time.

Especially if you have kids or pets around the house, stains could be a common occurrence and a real headache. You have tried washing fabrics over and over again not to see a difference in the stain, or you have had a bad day due to a glass of wine spilling on your favorite rug: The problem isn’t that you aren’t trying enough, but some stains and fabrics need specialized equipment and chemicals to clear out.

stain removal

Our Stain Removal service can help you restore your precious items to the state they were before: Be it your carpet, rugs, furniture, upholstery or drapery. Anything that’s made of fabric we can work on it.


With our specialized stain removal service, virtually no spills will get the chance to leave their mark on your home. We deal with a wide array stain on a daily basis, such as food, blood, juice, soda, pet accidents, dirt, and mud, nail polish, candy, ink, toner, coffee, wine, grass, gum, grease, rust stains, paint, marker, lipstick, etc.


All the stains can be removed: They just need the right equipment and chemicals to deal with. Most reckless stains can be removed with steam cleaning or deep cleaning, however, it is important that you deal with them quickly. If a stain has been fully soaked and remained in the fabric for a long time, then we will need to work chemically with it. The longer that the stain sits in, the harder it becomes to remove.


Toronto’s Stain Removal Experts

Even some stains can be treated with common household remedies, eventually, you are going to need to call professional help. So, when you encounter a stubborn stain on your carpet, rug or upholstery call on the professionals at CPR24 Restoration.


Carpet, rugs and upholstery stains come in all shapes and sizes. From environmental stains carried in on shoes and paws to wine spills, with our years of experience of carpet and upholstery cleaning, the professionals at CPR24 Restoration have encountered stains of all varieties. However, our technicians are trained to identify all types of stain so as to apply the appropriate stain removal solution and technique.

Color Repair

From personal attempt or from an irresponsible and unprofessional cleaning company, chemicals like bleach, benzoin peroxide, countertop cleaners and acidic cleaners can easily bleach the colors and make the fabrics look even worse than before.

What you need in a case like that is a company that can take great care into mixing the right paint combination to recover the original colors that the object once had.

Take back control to the looks of your environment, and don’t let stubborn stains ruin your happiness.

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