Stain Removal – The Dirtiest Areas In Your Home?

Every homeowner would like to live in a home that’s hygienic and smells fresh. Have you ever think where to look for hidden dirt and not only to clean the stain removal on the surface?

Here are the most common dirty areas in your home:

  • The Kitchen

Of course, the kitchen is known as the busiest room in the house, it is apparently also the dirtiest. In the kitchen are the most conventional elements for bacterial growth such as heat, moisture and food are present, ready to do their worst if you let them.

You have to think about how germs get spread from handling raw meat to storing unwashed fruit and veg, plus the germs on surfaces on in the sink, or even in your fridge.

But having a healthy family you should keep your kitchen hygienically clean and not only to care for stain removal on the surface.

Certainly that all bodily functions and personal hygiene routines performed in the bathroom mean that some bacteria will linger after every use. The most important thing to remember is that it affects not just obvious places such as the toilet seat, but light switches, doorknobs, and taps too.

Simple stain removal is not enough. You have to disinfect wipes for daily protection, wipe the sink, change your hand towels every day. Of course, don’t forget toothbrush holders and cups.

And for more specific cleaning you should get professional cleaners in at least 4 times a year.

Every space that the family gathers like living rooms, TV rooms, study, etc., is obviously known will accumulate hidden dirt and bacteria. Think for a moment about every surface that gets touched like door handles, light switches, computer keyboards or remote control devices. It is essential that everything gets wiped down with a disinfectant wipe every day.

Don’t forget that bacteria live on unwashed hands, sneezes, pet hair, unwashed feet, outdoor shoes, etc. Make a deep clean including sofas, armchairs and other upholstery at least once per week and apply deodorizing spray for a fresh area.

  • Bedrooms

The most ideal spaces for mold, bacteria, mites, and insects are obviously bedrooms and most of these can easily be found in your bed. Try to wash your bedding and bed linen often to avoid health problems.

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