stain removal

Stain Removals From The Carpet

Stain removals its a problem on its own, especially when the stains are grape stains for wine or grape juice. These stains can be absorbed deep into the carpet pile. This causes them to be prone to wicking ie. After it is cleaned the stain can reappear on the carpet. Thankfully there is a quick and easy method to deal with the stain. To contact a stain removal company such as CPR24 Restoration.

Stain Removals Method

We will be there as soon as possible. Our team will use borax, water, paper towels, and a spray bottle. This is a quick way until we use a much more complicated method for the definitely.

Also, you can use and by yourself these products meanwhile, you wait for the stain removal company to come to your home.

Stain Removal Tips

1. Measure out 9 grams of borax and mix it with 100 ml of water. Pour it into the spray bottle. You can use a funnel to help you with this part. After that, spray the stains.

2. Wait for 30 minutes. During this period of time, the stains will noticeably fade in the process. Use the paper towel to blot the stain and remove it.

3. You have to know that you have and other commercially available pre-spray solutions for other stains. The pretreatment will work on organic stains without damaging your carpet.

4. Those products will help make carpet stain removal easier. Nevertheless, your carpet will be cleaned from a professional company, so don’t worry.

Choose The Best Partner

For all your stain removals and carpet cleaning needs, CPR24 Restoration can assist you. We provide a variety of carpet cleaning services to Toronto and the entire GTA. We use only professional cleaning equipment. Also, our staff offers you eco-friendly cleaning solutions to give you a deep clean. Make us a call at +1 416-551-8287 or send us an email at [email protected] CPR24 Restoration will be your best cleaning partner.


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