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What is the point at which mold becomes a problem?

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Mold takes a certain amount of time to grow and appear, depending on the mold species, the substance it’s growing on, and the quantity of moisture it has, among other factors. Mold can sprout and thrive as little as 24 hours after coming into contact with a moisture source if the conditions are right. Mold spores will colonize in 3 to 12 days. Mold might become noticeable in 18-21 days.

    Mold has a higher probability of growing and spreading the longer it is exposed to dampness.

    When mold spores come into contact with a moist surface, they begin to proliferate within hours, spreading throughout the substance and filling the air with thousands of mold spores. Mold spores can then spread to other moist surfaces on your property, causing problems in new locations.

    Molds do not all generate an odor, although many do. Mold problems may be present in your home if you notice a persistent musty odor.

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