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What should I do in the event of a flood, sewage backup, or water leak?

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Backups of sewage are a nightmare. We don’t have to tell you that, though. If you’re having one, you probably have only one question on your mind. So, what should I do now? It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of the situation. It’s possible that your basement or living space is flooded. Keep calm, remember that things can be fixed, and continue reading.

    If sewage backup is a recurring problem in your home, consult a plumber for a diagnosis and treatment plan. Even if the issue is not on your property, enlisting the help of a plumber can typically expedite the problem’s resolution. A plumber can frequently give evidence that the sewer problem is not on your property.

    • Power down to the affected area.
    • Stop wasting water.
    • Put on your personal protection equipment.
    • For insurance purposes, take images or videos of the affected area.
    • Any damaged property should be disposed of.
    • Using a shop vac, remove any standing wastewater or sewage.
    • Bleach solution to mop
    • Any wood or organic surfaces should be sprayed with a mold protection solution.
    • Make use of a dehumidifier.

    Sewage Backup and Flood Prevention

    • Inspection of the Plumbing System on an Annual Basis
    • Cleaning of Drains
    • Installation of a backwater valve

    If you need the help of a professional company to help you with water damage call CPR24 Restoration at (416) 551-8287.