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How does dry ice blasting work?

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Dry ice blasting is a non-destructive way of cleaning surfaces and/or removing undesirable coatings such as paint or rust that are most typically employed for industrial and commercial applications. At temperatures of (78.5 °C; 109.3 °F), dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide.

    In its most basic form, the method entails using compressed air and dry ice particles, usually in the form of dry ice pellets, to “blast clean” a surface. An explosive sublimation is created by the combination of pressured air and dry ice (CO2 pellets) in the blast stream. When compared to other media blasting methods such as glass bead, plastic bead, or sandblasting, this chain reaction allows for non-destructive cleaning of an intended surface, making dry ice blasting a preferred cleaning approach.

    How does it work?

    Consider a consumer pressure washer to have a better understanding of dry ice blasting. An electric pressure washer works by compressing water and forcing it through a nozzle, which exerts even more pressure on the surface to be cleaned.

    The “media” used to clean surfaces with a pressure washer is simply water (in some cases a detergent is added to the stream). However, this method wastes a lot of water (a.k.a. “secondary waste”) and is ineffective for removing difficult-to-remove stains, coatings, debris, and pollutants. Additionally, pressured water can harm delicate and sensitive cleaning surfaces including electrical equipment, wires, and precision machined equipment (just to name a few).

    Compressed air and dry ice particles/pellets are used instead of dry ice when utilizing a dry ice blasting machine. Above all, when we use the power of dry ice blasting, we make use of kinetics (physics) and thermodynamics, resulting in a considerably superior cleaning procedure.

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