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What causes sewage problems?

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Sewers back up for a variety of reasons, the most common of which involves pipes. The following are seven of the most typical causes of a sewage backup.

    1. Pipes that have been damaged

    It’s possible that a pipe is damaged and isn’t draining properly. Sewer waste can build up and back up if it fails to drain. A pipe can be damaged by a variety of factors, but one of the most common is incorrect installation.

    2. Clogs 

    A lot of things are flushed down the toilet. Sewer lines are not garbage disposals, and they should not be handled as such. A dead animal, any form of plastic, or other solid material should never be flushed down the toilet.

    3. Hygiene Products for Women

    The presence of absorbent materials like cotton is one of the worst things for a sewer system. When wet, these materials retain their shape and, in some cases, expand. This can not only cause obstructions, but it can also be embarrassing.

    4. Grease Pouring Down a Drain

    It’s a common misconception that dumping grease into hot water can flush it out of your pipes. That is not the case. Grease hardens as it cools, and even hot water in a pipe doesn’t take long to cool.

    5. Flooding can be very troublesome.

    Water can leak into your sewer line even if your house does not flood. More than your garbage will be contained in a sewage blockage caused by flooding. If a pump station floods, it can cause an entire portion of the sewer system in your region to flood.

    If you face problems with sewer backup call CPR24 Restoration at (416) 551-8287.