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What are the causes of water damage?

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    Water damage has a number of negative effects on buildings. Your floor may deform if water seeps into areas of your property where it shouldn’t. Beautifully painted walls are also discolored by water damage. All of that moisture can lead to the growth of mold inside the structure, as well as a vermin infestation. Worst of all, the water damage that isn’t addressed immediately through water damage restoration might eventually damage a building’s foundation. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequent water damage causes.

    Severe weather

    Strong winds and heavy rains may cause damage to your roof, allowing a significant volume of rainfall to fall directly into your home or company. Even worse, extreme weather can cause flash flooding, especially if your home is located in a flood-prone area.

    Clogged gutters

    Over time, leaves, branches, and other sorts of debris can clog gutters. Rainwater won’t be able to flow away from your property properly if this happens, and it will instead overflow the edges of your gutters, run down the side of the home, and cause water damage to the ceiling, walls, and floors.

    Leaking pipes

    Burst pipes inside walls could complicate things even more. The water damage from such a leak would be significant, as the entire wall would be wet, and it would encourage the growth of an entire colony of mold.

    Washing machine water supply line leak

    If your washing machine’s supply lines are rubber or PVC, you’ll have problems. They can easily wear down and break, if you don’t shut off the water source in time,  flooding the entire laundry area in minutes.

    Condensation from AC

    Because the water cannot escape, it will leak into your home from your air conditioner. Water leaking from your air conditioner can harm your floors and walls, as well as make your insulation soggy.

    Blocked drains

    Foreign objects can clog drain pipes and prevent proper drainage. Clogged drains can easily back up and cause flooding and water damage inside your home if not addressed immediately.

    Malfunctioning sprinkler systems

    A sprinkler system once activated during a fire, will certainly save your property and possibly your life. As you might expect, the water damage caused by a defective or accidentally activated sprinkler system can be significant, especially if your property contains computers and other electronic items.

    Leaking water heater

    An overflow of tank pressure might also cause a leak. When a water heater leaks, the basement, where it’s most likely located, will be flooded.

    Water damage prevention is difficult, but not impossible. Address all the possible causes mentioned above to the best water damage restoration company in GTA by calling at (416) 551-8287.