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How do I know if asbestos is present in my home?

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Call for an Inspection First

    However, before contacting an asbestos removal company, you should have the affected area inspected by an industrial hygiene company or a professional inspector. A thorough visual examination, as well as the careful collection and analysis of materials, are all part of a proper assessment.

    If asbestos is found, the inspector should write a report outlining the location and amount of the damage, as well as recommendations for removal or prevention.

    This inspector can also do post-removal or repair inspections to ensure that the area has been adequately cleaned. Homeowners can next call an asbestos removal contractor and negotiate a clean-up plan with this report in hand.

    You might not be able to do it yourself

    Visual analysis or comparing a place suspected of having asbestos to an internet example might be difficult. As a result, if you suspect asbestos in a component of your home, you must send a sample of the material to a licensed asbestos testing facility.

    This is the most efficient method for obtaining 100% confirmation of the presence of asbestos in your home. A thorough asbestos audit, which includes lab tests on all materials suspected of containing the contaminant, is required by law for commercial premises. These tests will also determine whether the asbestos in question is friable or non-friable, allowing for a more accurate assessment of the risk posed by various building materials.

    Material samples should be sent to a specialized laboratory to confirm or deny the existence of asbestos. To disclose and identify the type of asbestos fibers contained in a sample, certified asbestos testing labs use a type of transmission electron microscopy.

    If you need asbestos inspection and asbestos removal services, contact CPR24 Restoration Services at  (416) 551-8287.