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Why and how often should air ducts be cleaned?

Frequently Asked Questions

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    When was the last time you double-checked your ducts for cleanliness? The majority of people ignore their ducts because they believe they are clean enough. Your ducts, on the other hand, begin to accumulate trash, insects, and even vermin such as rats and mold with time. Apart from just blowing all of those impurities into your home every time your HVAC system is turned on, these elements can block your vents, making them less efficient. As a result, you’ll have to pay extra to cool or heat your building.

    How often should I have my ducts cleaned?

    The material will build up in your ducts even with the best filters. Particles will pass through the filter or enter the system in other ways. Don’t assume that just because your system has a filter means your ducts don’t need to be cleaned. When you switch on your HVAC system, particles will collect in your ducts, clogging them or, at the very least, degrading the air quality in your home, especially if you live in an area with heavy pollution, is surrounded by construction, or is unusually windy or dusty.

    Every two to five years, the average duct system should be cleaned. You can extend the duration between professional cleanings if your system is well-maintained and your filters are replaced twice a year. If your system hasn’t been cleaned in more than three years and has been active on your property, it’s time to clean it. Even a single season can cause your system to become less efficient than it was when it was first installed due to dust and dirt buildup.

    When should I have my air ducts cleaned?

    Although HVAC duct cleaning does not take as long as, say, replacing your entire system, you should schedule it during a season when you are not likely to require it so that the duct cleaning company has enough time to thoroughly clean your ducts before you need to use it. After you’ve stopped using your HVAC system to cool or heat your property and before you need to start utilizing it again, the optimum time to get your ducts cleaned is either in the spring or early fall.

    You’ve probably noticed a dusty or musty odor when you switch on your HVAC system. It may go away in a few minutes, but this is another clue that it’s time to get HVAC duct cleaning services to clean your ducts correctly. This odor indicates that dust and debris have accumulated in your vents and are being blown into your rooms along with the cold or hot air from your HVAC system. If the air that comes out of your system has a weird odor, even if you use it every day, now is a good time to have your ducts cleaned.

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