fire damage cleanup

Residential Fire & Smoke Damage Clean-Up Services

Which company is best for Residential Fire & Smoke Damage Clean-Up Services? Seeing your home and all your precious tools burned by fire is a catastrophic experience for any homeowner. After such a catastrophic loss cpr24 comes with clear instructions to protect your property from fire damage and to recover as much damage as possible.

By trusting Cpr24 Restoration, we are able to bring in the most professional teams for such damage. We are in service 24/7 and we are at any time. We care about you and are able to get you home as soon as possible. Every homeowner will be informed at every step of the way of repairing their property.

Cpr24 Restoration will cover you with a comprehensive range of fire damage services, including soot, smoke, and odour removal.

Common Types of fire

·         Protein Fire

Often foods from ovens and stoves burn. They are able to leave a strong and burnt smell of food and smoke residue on the contents and surfaces of our entire home.

·         Complex Fire

Many natural-synthetic items can burn. This will cause black smoke residue throughout the house. It also causes synthetic smoke odours. In this case, cpr24 emergency services are required and we will make sure to protect all endangered areas of the home.

·         Natural Fire

Trees, shrubs, and bushes near our property have been burned. Smoke is able to penetrate the structure outside the property and thus debris and the smell of smoke will be present.

·         Furnace Malfunction

Often heating appliances can malfunction and cause catastrophic damage. And they can cause smoke and soot which can spread all over our property.

Fire Damage Consequences

  • Ash and smoke are able to continue to cause material damage.
  • Smoke odours will stay in your home long after causing fire damage. It will also continue to cause problems if not removed properly.
  • Walls and other surfaces of the property may be blackened.
  • Kitchen appliances may turn yellow.
  • Smoke causes damage to glass parts.
  • Smoke can also damage metals.

Cpr24 Restoration Process Includes

  • Identify the source to assess the cause of the fire.
  • Assessment of fires as a result of firefighting work.
  • Remediating water damage (if there is damage).
  • Evaluation of various materials that may be damaged.
  • Removal of damage, including immediate items you may need, such as clothing, household items, etc.
  • Packaging of damaged contents for Clean-Up and storage.
  • Carry out a structural restoration of damage, including removal of carbonized content and other damage.
  • Treatment of fire-affected surfaces for smoke odours.
  • Seal to prevent odour from leaking to other surfaces.
  • Clean-Up, removing odours, and deodorizing.
  • Return items to their original location.

Don’t Try to Do it yourself

If the company you have trusted with fire damage repair and cleaning is not properly cared for, and professionally then dangerous health problems can occur.Cpr24 recommends that you do not try to Clean-Up your property yourself if you leave it in the hands of experts. Only experts are able to do the right thing.

Quick Tips

  • Ventilate the house to reduce the smell of smoke if the temperature is too high.
  • Clean different surfaces. As well as chrome, porcelain, and aluminum fittings.
  • If your oven uses hot air, replace its air filter to avoid later consequences.
  • Discard any open food packages to avoid the odours left by the smoke.
  • Make sure the electricity is off to avoid catastrophic consequences. Leave the doors open.
  • Provide clothing for smoke damage in a restorative dry cleaner.

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