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Residential and Commercial Restoration Services GTA

Cpr24 Restoration, emergency services 24/7, water damage, fire damage, mould damage in GTA. We are the number one company for emergency and commercial restoration in all GTA. Our professional teams are able to bring you a complete renovation of your properties. Cpr24 is specialized in the renovation of any type of your building, it does not matter if it is a Residence or office. We are always ready for water damage, fire damage, or mould damage by offering quality services anytime and anywhere.

24/7 services throughout GTA

When something bad happens it is able to not only damage our property or business, but also cause chaos, and directly affect our budget. Cpr24 Restoration is able to resolve your chaotic situation quickly and safely. We are able to bring you the service you want, no matter what time it is, we will be there for you. Ranging from issues from plumbing issues to fire damage. Our specialists are able to assess the damage caused and repair them without worries and with less cost.

·        Water Damage Restoration in GTA

·        Flood Damage Restoration in GTA

·        Fire Damage Restoration in GTA

·        Smoke Damage Restoration in GTA

·        Mould Removal and Remediation in GTA

Flood & Water Damage Restoration GTA

We are able to provide flood & water damage emergency services throughout Toronto and the GTA. Given that we have many years of experience in restoration flood and Water damage and working with professional teams that always give the best for you. This makes us your trusted company throughout GTA. Water Damage is able to cause catastrophic damage to our property but every damage caused has a solution and it is Cpr24 Restoration.

Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration GTA

Any damage caused to the property is catastrophic but the one that is seen and felt the most is Fire Damage. Smoke and Fire damage is able to damage our home and make it unconstructive for most companies. But Cpr24 is able to help you and your family. We will not only be able to make repairs to your property yes and return it as if nothing happened to it. We are trained and licensed for emergency and catastrophic situations and equipped with all the necessary tools to accomplish it.

Mould Removal, Remediation & Testing GTA

In addition to the services mentioned above, we also provide mould removal and repair services throughout GTA. To prevent any possible problems that may occur in the future our experts are able to remove any part of the mould visible or invisible it may be. With the right experience and the desire to help others, we are able to protect your family from potential infections that may occur. The use of the latest technological tools with infrared allows us to capture the slightest moisture and mould.

Cpr24 Restoration offers full service for Mould Removal as:

Disinfection Services GTA

Many difficult days are coming, where viruses are everywhere around us, at home, in the car, in the office. But to protect ourselves from them we should not just put on a mask and gloves, but also the place where we stay can be a source of infection. But Cpr24 Restoration takes care of you, bringing you professional teams and the right tools for disinfection. Cpr24 is able to protect you and your family.


CPR24 Restoration is a full-service mould remediation company. What it means is that we offer the full scale of solutions needed for complete removal and prevention of mould. From identifying the cause of mould to fixing any design flaws or tubing associated with it to repairing or replacing the affected areas, and the prevention of further mould by removal and sealing to rigorous testing to detect any traces of new mould, we strive to be a leader in the mould solutions industry.

By following our team tips, you easily will remove mould in areas such as bathroom walls and floors, however, if you have a significant mould issue, please call CPR24 Restoration.