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Preventing Water Damage | CPR24 Tips

Preventing Water Damage on HVAC

You know well that, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems cause big water damage troubles if you don’t take care.
The most common causes of HVAC water leaks are clogged drain, frozen evaporator coils, and pipes that are not connected correctly. Here are some tips for preventing water damage:

  • The first step is to check and change the HVAC filter regularly. This helps to prevent the unit from overworking. As a result, you prevent freezing and also prevent leading to your HVAC leaking water inside your home.
  • The condensation drain line:
    Be careful and control the condensation line opening.  You also know that the amount of water that flows depends on the humidity level in the house.
  • Flush the drain with an algae inhibitor. It’s recommended to do this once or twice a year.
  • If you see that the drain line has clogs, attach a wet/dry vacuum to the drain line and suck the clog out.
  • Always ensure to properly connect and install the main drain line and emergency drain line.
  • Make control of the pipes to be orientated correctly as it might be knocked out of alignment.
  • The last tip on how to prevent AC from leaking is the installation of a condensation pump. This helps excess water flow into the proper disposal drain.

Prevent Washing Machine Water Damage

Water damage caused by washing machines is known as the leading source of residential water losses. But you have to understand that preventing water damage from washing machines is not as hard as you may think. We recommend to follow these tips to prevent water damage:

  • The primary step is to not overload the washing machine with laundry.  And also distribute your clothes evenly and loosely inside the machine.
  • Easily you can install a water leak detector near your machine to get instant alerts in case of a washing machine water valve leak, washing machine water pump leak, or hose leaks.
  • Always use the required detergent for your washing machine in the correct amount to avoid suds and bubbles that can cause the washer to overflow.
  • Control water supply hoses (both hot and cold) for blisters, worn tubing, stress cracks, or loose connections. If you have seen any damage replace damaged hoses with newer types that are made of flexible plastic tubing.
  • Check the drain hose for wear and tear. Every 5 years you have to replace hoses.

Preventing Water Damage in the Bathroom

Of course, the bathrooms are places where we use a lot of water, so chances are that some of that water could make its way into walls and floors, causing water damage. CPR24 Restoration as a water damage restoration company Toronto recommends some tips to avoid water damage:

  • First of all, you have to check signs of leaks. The signs can be discoloration on walls or floors, drywall bubbling, and musty smells.
  • Repair any part where are cracked, broken or missing tiles, which allow water to seep in behind walls and under floors.
  • Evidence the valves for your toilets, showers, and sinks regularly to ensure they are properly working.
  • Replace the fixtures. If your fixtures are old replace them to prevent any water damage risk.
  • Have you seen that your sink drains slowly, the drain may be clogged. It’s recommended to not let water collect and sit in the area around the sink.
  • Don’t forget to turn on the exhaust fan every time you use the shower or tub because they help to pull excess moisture out of the air.
  • Make a quick control on the floor for water (and remove it if there is any) after taking a shower or using the tub.

The keys for faster water damage restoration

1. Directly response

Logically, the longer the water sits the greater the subsequent damage. Water can cause fatal damage to furniture and electronic items.

2. Removal

Quick, totally removal of water prevents damage to carpets, flooring, furniture, buildings, and basement.

3. Drying

Nowadays we use advanced technology to help us choose the best most efficient drying equipment suited to your specific needs.

4. Call a Professional Team

Properly trained, licensed and certified technicians help to ensure that your home or business will be efficiently and expertly dried and restored. CPR24 Restoration is and water damage restoration company Toronto with a long experience and with a qualified team. We use the best equipment and the last technology to help you. So, feel free to call us for Emergency 24/7 Water Damage Restoration, Flood Damages, Fire Damages, Mold Remediation, Sewage Backup, and not only.


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