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CPR24 is a full-service plumbing company ready to help with any of your needs. From basic service to new installation, we’ve got you covered. We provide 24-hour emergency services and focus on customer satisfaction.

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    Plumbing Services

    Nobody wants to live in a place where the entire neighborhood stinks from a filthy toilet overflowing, bursting pipes, and clogged drains. Most people’s dilemma nowadays is that they never ask for help or even call the nearest plumbing company for expert plumbing services until the problem has gotten worse. In this case, and in this condition, you can eventually hire a reputable company to provide skilled plumbing services in order to save your home. 

    Why is it necessary to hire a professional plumber?

    Before we get into the many sorts of plumbing services, let’s take a look at why this type of service is so important. Blocked drains, for example, have been discovered at your residence. This type of problem requires immediate attention in order to be resolved, as it quickly worsens, forcing homeowners to reorganize their homes. No one wants to be forced into restructuring because it is so expensive.

    The following are the top four advantages of hiring a professional plumber like CPR24 Restoration:

    • Assistance from Professionals
    • Knowledge and Experience
    • Safety
    • Cost-Effective

    The 8 Most Common Plumbing Services Used Today

    Leak repair

    Leak repair is an automatic feature of every plumbing business you choose. Nobody enjoys hearing the dripping of a leaking faucet over and over again. Did you know that a leaking faucet could simply indicate that the installed pipes have broken and that there is a significant problem within it? Pipes deteriorate with time, resulting in a never-ending cycle of pipe problems.

    Repairing Toilets

    “Do not try to fix an overflowing toilet on your own,” is a piece of advice you’ll hear from time to time. It has the potential to exacerbate the condition. Trust that our CPR24 Restoration professional plumbers know what they’re doing. They have been utilizing a high-powered water jet to clean and fix all of the clogged pipes.

    Water Heaters

    This is one of the most typical emergency calls plumbers receive on a regular basis. When the cold weather sets in, the last thing you want is to discover that your water heater is broken. However, it does occur. Our technicians can help you repair or install your water heater in no time.

    Repair and Replacement of Garbage Disposals

    Plumber services may be required to install new garbage disposals or repair damaged sections over existing disposals when they become worn from overuse. Replace broken fittings or sections as part of the repairs for badly damaged disposal. It may be essential to replace the complete device.

    If you detect any of the following problems with your garbage disposal, it may need to be replaced or serviced.

    • Have you heard anything that sounds like it’s grinding?
    • Is there a strange odor coming from your garbage disposal or sink?
    • Is the sink full of standing water after use?
    • Is there any kind of degradation that can lead to leaks?

    Gas piping

    This is another gray area, but there are two versions of this, one for commercial use and the other for residential use. Pipefitters are often used in commercial gas pipes. Plumbers, on the other hand, are frequently in charge of home gas piping.

    Installation and Repair of Sewer Mains

    Sewer inspection is critical before installation for both homeowners and prospective house buyers. Repairs will be the priority after that. The sewer is in charge of transferring water, grease, and other liquids from the house.

    The liquid might cause the drain to clog and slow down over time and add to your house another service such as drain cleaning. As a result, it is obvious that you should always inspect your sewers and be extremely vigilant.

    Drain cleaning

    One of the most popular reasons for utilizing professional plumbing services and contracting plumbers is to have the draining system completely cleaned. This area can accumulate a significant amount of debris over time. If this is not correctly addressed, the accumulated debris will cause major obstructions. Bathrooms and sinks are two of the most common places where this problem occurs.

    And, as always, the CPR24 Restoraion’s plumbers come to the rescue. Cleaning the drain is a simple task for them because of their extensive plumbing knowledge and experience. 

    Remember that all of the aforementioned plumping issues are clear indicators that you require the services of the proper person. CPR24 Restoration has a team full of qualified and skilled professionals that will take care of your plumbing problems, plumbing maintenance, and drain problems. As the best plumbers in Toronto, our team is highly recommended throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Call us at (416) 551-8287 if you face any kind of water damage or other residential or commercial emergencies and need a good restoration company.