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Six Step Mold Removal Procedure

CPR24 Restoration Mold Removal Procedure

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    At CPR24 Restoration, we provide our customers with complete satisfaction with all of our services. Mold in your house can cause plenty of issues for you and your family. That is why, by following a six-step process, we ensure that our professionals give a safe mold removal service.

    Below are the listed six steps: 

    1. Mold Inspection Both visible and non-visible mold must be inspected. Our qualified professionals will be able to assess the damaged regions as a result of this inspection. IICRC certified mold inspectors conduct our mold inspections. At CPR24 Restoration, we value our customers and guarantee our customers a complete free visual inspection of their property.
    2. Air Quality TestIf necessary, conduct an air quality test or swab testing. For a variety of reasons, an Air Quality Test should only be conducted on the mold that is not visible. If the mold is not visible, air quality testing should be conducted to determine the type of mold present as well as the levels of mold count, which is used to estimate the severity of the mold. We highly advise our valued customers not to allow anyone to open any doors or touch the affected area, as this will disturb the mold and cause secondary contamination.
    3. Detailed Scope of Work – After the inspection, a specialized project manager will submit a detailed scope of work for the mold removal project. The scope of work will include the actions that must be followed in order to remove the mold, as well as an estimate of the costs.
    4. Mold RemovalCPR24 Restoration will perform the Mold Remediation with guaranteed clearance of mold. Depending on the severity of the mold, the affected areas, and the equipment utilized to remove mold in your home or company, the mold removal procedure could take a few days or longer.
    5. Additional Clearance – In addition to a second clearance for the affected area, third-party clearance can be supplied as additional reassurance. We provide secondary clearance to homeowners and business owners so that we may provide reassurance as well as a sense of security and safety to our valued consumers.
    6. Restoration – restoration department will restore/rebuild the affected area to its previous condition. Homeowners will be relieved to know that they can continue their normal routines.

    A Mold Inspection Includes:

    Infrared Camera Scanning: A useful diagnostic instrument that allows us to find water leaks behind walls, in the ceiling, or beneath floors without causing any damage. It can also detect dew points, which indicate regions where mould could grow (available in certain areas).

    Moisture meter: This is used to measure the moisture content of walls and ceilings. Mold growth is more likely when there is a lot of moisture in the air.

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