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CPR24 Restoration Mold Removal in Attic

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    Steps through attic mold removal

    Mold inspection and remediation is the only way to get rid of mold in your house. The most crucial component of the mold cleanup process, according to homeowners, is locating the source. 

    Mold will reappear if the source is not addressed. At CPR24 Restoration, we focus on removing all traces of any type of mold with the right equipment, handled by our mold experts. We use media blasting to get rid of mold in the attic.

    Mold problems in the attic space have become more common as a result of the rapidly changing temperatures across Canada. When the temperature in the attic fluctuates, condensation forms, which can contribute to mold growth. 

    Mold needs an organic component that is moist in order to thrive, and the attic offers that. We don’t pay much attention to the attic because we don’t spend much time there and we never properly ventilate it. To guarantee that there are no concerns, the attic should be checked at least once a year by a home inspector for water damage and do an air quality test that determines if there’s mold in your home.

    Mold spores thrive in situations like dampness, wood sheeting, and a lack of adequate airflow in the attic.

    Mold in the attic can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

    • Lack of ventilation.
    • There is either too much or too little insulation.
    • The bathroom fan is not attached, and it is not insulated.
    • Roof leaks.

    Mold Removal in the Attic:

    1. Mold experts will begin by enclosing the affected area.
    2. Closely located furniture and flooring will be covered and protected.
    3. The best-proven approach to remove the mold in the attic is media blasting — dry ice blasting or soda blasting.
    4. If necessary, insulation will be changed.
    5. Determine the source of the mold and eliminate it.
    6. Seal the attic – the attic should not be a part of the building envelope; instead, it should be entirely sealed off from the rest of the house, with no airflow in or out, to prevent mold from returning.

    CPR24 Restoration has a greatly trained team of technicians that will inspect and remove any type of mold on your property. Call us at (416) 551-8287 to get our services.