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    Mold growth is quite frequent in crawl spaces, storage rooms, and cold cellars of your home. These are usually not residential quarters, but they are excellent storage facilities. Mold can form on the ceilings, walls, floors, and your things if there is a source of water blocking the space.

    Moisture signs in crawl space:

    • Standing water on top of a vapor barrier made of plastic
    • Droplets of water condensing on cold-water pipes and ducting
    • Buckled hardwood floors above the crawl space
    • Stained walls from water penetration
    • Wet or fallen insulation
    • On joists and support beams, visible mold development

    Due to rot, crawl space mold, and fungal growth on organic materials like wood floor joists and beams, water in a crawl space can cause significant damage to the property structure.

    Wet crawl spaces can also cause health issues due to the growth of mould, mildew, and bacteria.

    Crawl spaces are frequently under-ventilated or under-insulated. As a result, there will be a buildup of moisture, which will lead to mold growth. It’s critical to maintain a close check on these areas in your home. Mold will grow in crawl spaces if there is a foundation issue as well. Foundations deteriorate over time, causing cracks to appear. The waterproofing or weeping system can also fail, allowing water to seep in and lead to mold growth.

    A moist, musty, earthy odor, which can indicate mold growth, is usually one of the first indicators. To determine if mold is the source of the odor, and air quality test may be required.

    Many crawlspaces in older homes have old, unclean floors, which provide an ideal environment for mold to thrive.

    CPR24 Restoration can help you with professional Crawl Space Cleaning, using crawl space moisture management systems that are implemented to control moisture levels and eliminate crawl space mould and fungi. 

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