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How To Prevent Water Damage In Toronto?

Water damage is one of the most common and costing emergencies throughout Toronto, causing millions of dollars every year to owners and insurance companies. Here is how you can prevent water damage in Toronto.

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Types of water damage

Water damage strikes every home differently and can be categorized in several ways. It is worthy to know how water damage happens in order to prevent it effectively. The water damage can be caused by three main types of water:

White water

White water is the type of water that comes out of your tap. It means that it’s fairly clean water without contaminants, and so it doesn’t contain any odours. It’s easier than the other types to work on.

Grey Water

Grey-water is white water mixed with contaminants (usually sewage). It can cause a lot of damage because as the water and contaminants penetrate through walls and furniture they leave visible stains and odours that need attention.

Black Water

Black-water is mainly sewage. It can is usually caused by the breaking of sewage pipes, sewage backup, or even floods. Black-water is the most difficult to deal with as the sewage roams through your home, it leaves residue and a terrible scent.

Where does water damage come from?

Water damage can come either from internal or external sources. If it comes from external sources like heavy rainfall or floods, then the most affected areas will be the hallways or the attic in case of a damaged roof.

If the water damage comes from internal sources, then the most affected rooms will be:

  • The bathroom

The bathroom has many water sources, so it has many failure points where water can flow. It is usually covered in tiles, so the water damage is minimized, but still, it does happen frequently.

  • The kitchen

The kitchen doesn’t have as many water sources as the bathroom, but it is generally more damaged since it doesn’t have as much protection from the water damage as the bathroom. The water damage in your kitchen usually comes from either the sink or the fridge, so make sure to always check the tubing.

  • The Basement

The basement is below-ground so it inherently is very susceptible to damage from water. It is also usually the area where pipes move from, so if the pipes get damaged, the basement can be filled with water very quickly. Since there is no space for the water to escape from, if not removed immediately, it can cause immense damage to the basement itself and to your home’s foundations.

Monitor moisture and water spending

Overall, the best way to prevent water damage is to constantly monitor for changes. It is advised to install water detection systems. They might seem expensive at first, but they will save you from the headache of having to renovate everything damaged. It is also a good idea to

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