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How Does Air Duct Cleaning In Toronto Work?

Has your home been getting dusty, even though you clean it frequently? Is there a bad scent coming from the ventilation holes? Are you paying higher electricity bills due to the use of HVAC? Then what you need is an Air Duct Cleaning. As time passes, dust, insects, spider nets and debris gather up in the air duct tubes and vents, and can slowly build up and cause various issues throughout the home.

Most homeowners are unaware that cold air returns can be a large problem. It usually is the source of dust and the mites that live in them. We clean these thoroughly. Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies, sinus problems, or other respiratory issues, CPR24 Restoration duct services are the fastest way to reduce air pollutants. Even cigarette smoke, pet dander, and dust can be eliminated in a way that will make your heating and conditioning systems operate more efficiently.

How is the air duct cleaning done?

First, a visual inspection is needed in order to evaluate the damage and determine which part of the air duct needs more work.  It is a step that you can also take yourself to assess the gravity of the situation. The plates covering the duct holes can be removed with a screwdriver and it will allow you to see what is inside the tubes. It is also a way for us to check for leaks in the duct system and repair them.

Air duct cleaning is done through the use of negative pressure. We use a powerful vacuum tube that we take through the tubing and suck the dust and debris out. Due to often heavy amounts of dust in Toronto, as the dust settles, oftentimes it gets stuck in the tubing, so we have to agitate the dust in order for a complete cleaning, which sometimes can take hours to finish.

The importance of air duct cleaning

If you or your family are suffering from allergies, and often have agitated lungs and throat, it could be a consequence of an unclean air duct. Debris in the air ducts can also lower the performance of heating or cooling, making it more difficult and expensive for you to regulate the temperature in your room. A dirty air duct can bring a multitude of diseases and infections. Also, along with the air duct, the heat exchangers, cooling coils, and fan motors and blades are cleaned as well, allowing for better temperature distribution.

What causes mould in air ducts?

Of course, that air ducts circulate both warm and cool air throughout your home space all year long. If your air ducts have mould spores, they are also being circulated throughout your home.

Here are some signs that may have mould in your air ducts:

  • If you have irritated eyes, nose, or throat that may become worse when the air conditioning is on
  • If you have dizziness or fatigue that is worse when at home.
  • You have a headache that happens while in the home but disappears when you leave
  • A foul smell

How to prevent mould in Air Ducts:

If you have discovered what causes mould in air ducts follow those steps to remove and also to prevent it.

  • You have to install a HEPA filter in your ducts
  • Do annual professional maintenance for your air ducts
  • It is recommended yo use a vacuum with a HEPA filter. This helps to reduce the amount of dust in the house.
  • Use a dehumidifier if you live in a naturally humid climate.

CPR24 Restoration can make your home a cleaner place

Air ducts should generally be cleaned every 2-5 years depending on the area where you live. If you are looking to clean your air ducts and turn your home into a healthier place to live in, with less dust and odours, then feel free to contact CPR24 Restoration to complete your air duct cleaning. Our 24/7 customer support team is always eager to help. Feel free to reach us out by phone at +1 416-551-8287 or send us an e-mail to [email protected]


CPR24 Restoration is a full-service mould remediation company. What it means is that we offer the full scale of solutions needed for complete removal and prevention of mould. From identifying the cause of mould to fixing any design flaws or tubing associated with it to repairing or replacing the affected areas, and the prevention of further mould by removal and sealing to rigorous testing to detect any traces of new mould, we strive to be a leader in the mould solutions industry.

By following our team tips, you easily will remove mould in areas such as bathroom walls and floors, however, if you have a significant mould issue, please call CPR24 Restoration.