Flooded House Repair


A flood is one of the worst natural disasters that can happen to strike your home. It is something that you can’t do much to stop it from happening at the moment and has the potential of destroying your entire home’s foundation, forcing you with the only solution of demolishing it.

Each flood is different on its own. The factors that determine the scale of damage are:

  • Size
  • Pollution level
  • Time

However, the plan of action for every flooded house repair is similar.

flooded house repair

Important thing to know:

First of all, the most important thing is that you keep yourself and your family safe. The water will sometimes seem clean and harmless but can be polluted or bundled with dangerous chemicals. If you need to get inside the home, make sure to wear protective gear. Long boots and waterproof clothing are a good idea. Take care to disconnect the electricity from home and close the main water valve in order to prevent any accidents. After the water is gone, you can try poking holes at the bottom of the drywall to let out the water that can be trapped in.

Before taking any action for the repair of the home, make sure to take thorough pictures of the damage to use later on for the insurance claim. If you don’t have a proof for the damage, you might not get the full compensation. If the flood happened to a larger area, your agent might be busy, so it is a good idea to call the main company as well. After confirming with the insurance company, then you can start working on repairing your home.

A flooded house can cause extensive damage to your house, and usually, it’s not a good idea to take all of that work over on yourself. The choice for most homeowners in the case of a flood is to get a contractor that can work on delivering the most optimal solution for your home.

As the repair that happens after the flood is a delicate process, it is best for you to choose a company with extensive experience working with floods and water damage in general. One of the most important parts is dealing with drywall and carpets. Sometimes the drywall can be restored to its original state, but usually, it has to be replaced when damaged. After replacing extra care is needed when matching the color to the rest of the wall.

As for the carpet or rugs, it is best for them to be removed and thoroughly cleaned and dried. Throughout the entire process, dehumidifiers should be running to remove the moisture and help dry the area.

As mentioned above, it is important that you choose a well-experienced company to deal with your flooded house repair. At CPR24Restoration we have been working with water damage throughout our entire career and it’s what we handle best. Feel free to contact our 24/7 support team at +1 416-551-8287 or send us an e-mail to [email protected]

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