flooded basement repair

Flooded Basement Repair in GTA

Flooded Basement Repair

A flooded basement is an unexpected occurrence that can happen at any time to ruin your day. It is important that you handle the flooded basement repair with the needed attention and make sure that your family and home are safe.

Basement floods are the most difficult to repair because in comparison to above-ground rooms, it is extremely difficult for the water to escape without causing structural damage or mould, and that is why it should be handled immediately. In any case of a basement flood, large damage can be done by even a small amount of water.

First steps in case of a flood:

Whenever there’s a flood, you first should ensure that the home is safe. Shut off power and gas as soon as possible to avoid any accidents, and shut off the water so that the water levels don’t keep rising in case of broken tubing throughout the home. After that, you can check the damage or call the restoration company to deal with the repair of the flooded basement.

Whenever you need to inspect the flooded basement make sure to wear boots regardless of the water type. Even water that seems clean at first sight can carry disease and infections.

Determine the source of the flood

The flood can come from three main sources:

  • Outside sources (Storms, floods, heavy rain)
  • Broken tubing & Leaking pipes
  • Sewage Backup

A sewage backup is the most dangerous type of flood because it brings unpleasant odours and airborne bacteria.  The sewage makes the place much harder to clean and restore. Whenever there is a sewage backup you should stop using the water drainage system on your home not to make the matters worse. It is necessary not to flush, shower or do the laundry until the sewer backup is repaired and the sewage is removed and remediated. If you continue to add to the level of water or sewage, it will make it much more difficult for the flooded basement repair and restoration.

Broken Tubing is noticed by the moisture on the walls, or by the water dripping in case the pipes are visible. Tubes can be damaged by an array of reasons, with the most common being frozen water throughout the low temperatures in winter.

Whenever you are dealing with a flooded basement, it is important that you act quickly. Most people or companies just work on draining the flood and avoiding mould. It is, however, crucial to tackle the source of the flood and to make sure that the flood does not happen again in the future.

Repairing your flooded basement

If you need to repair your flooded basement, make sure to contact CPR24 Restoration. We are one of the top companies offering Basement restoration, water removal, cleanup, dehumidification, and remediation. We repair your basement and make sure that the flood does not happen again.

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